The koala is not doing well. The forest fires have cornered them. Find out what we are doing to help koalas and how you can help us.

Wildfires in Australia.

Natural fires in Australia are nothing special per se and often occur during the warmer months. Wildfires are also an essential part of that country’s ecology. Eucalyptus, for example, has completely adapted to wildfires. The oil in the leaves are fire retardant and Eucalyptus trees sprout after a fire or have seeds that can survive a fire.

Animals are fighting for their lives.

But a fire that is now raging is too big and too intense even for a country like Australia. Cockatoos, honeyeaters (the beautiful colored songbirds), koalas and kangaroos fight for their lives. 1 billion animals have already died, and some species are threatened with extinction, such as the giant cuckoo and sugar squirrel. There are already reports that the possum is extinct.
Recovery is going to take years. It is feared that the seed layer has been affected, which should begin to provide new growth. The seeds will now have to come from outside through the wind and that takes time.

Things are not going well for the Koala.

In Australia, before this major fire, up to 28,000 Koalas lived in Australia. Australia is the only country where koalas live, so it is imperative to get as many koalas as possible to safety.

Fabryk Design supports the animal welfare organization IFAW

Animal welfare organization IFAW(International Fund for Animals Welfare), track down koalas in affected areas and then move them to safety. Once they are safe, koalas need special treatment. After all, they are very sensitive animals. Currently, tracking dogs are being used by the IFAW to track koalas. These dogs come from shelters and are trained to recognize koala poop and fur smell. Dogs that otherwise would not be adopted now help save Koalas.

Help the IFAW!

We at Fabryk Design felt we had to start doing something for these animals. Therefore, a Koala and a Kangaroo were designed especially for this action. These are sold for a nice price and part of it goes to IFAW. We will keep you posted!