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Sustainable business

As entrepreneurs, we look to the future, we try to be prepared for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and a few years from now,
We are committed to a better future.
Sustainable business is important to us as a company.

At Fabryk Design we try to work as sustainably as possible, we do this in several ways.
We work locally and we are aware of the waste we produce as a company, by coming up with smart solutions we reduce our waste and residuals into new products.

We work locally

Before a product leaves the Fabryk towards the customer, many processes have preceded it. Creation begins as early as the procurement of raw materials. The sheet material we work with comes from the Netherlands. We do not order more than necessary to avoid unnecessary inventories. All wood and board material is FSC. approved wood. The Forest Stewardship Councel (FSC) is committed to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. You can recognize the wood by the following label with the FSC logo on it.

Waste and residual material

Wherever work is done, you also have to deal with energy and paper waste. Our staff is aware of the importance in sustainability, small adjustments such as lights and heating low in rooms that are not being used. All the paper we use is collected separately. In addition, we apply the principle of “think before you print.” This is how we try to do our part for cleaner environment. This is also the reason we do not send a standard return form with our orders. Because of Fabryk Design’s high level of customer satisfaction, we have very few return orders. This would mean that all these forms go straight to the paper container. Sin!

Wood and MDF waste

Our geometric shapes are milled from wood and MDF. Again, we keep leftover pieces from this. We collect the remaining pieces in separate containers and these are recycled. From larger waste pieces we make new, small products!

Pack up and go

Before a product reaches the packing table, it has already passed through several human hands. It starts with the design in the office, then it is milled by a CNC machine and then it is sanded and given a colored wax if desired.

The finishing touch

As a finishing touch, each product receives a beautiful leather label and hangtag. (A recycled cardboard label with Fabryk Design’s unique features.) And a thank you card which was handwritten by one of our Fabryk Werkt participants.

Carriers and transportation

Even when it comes to transportation, we try to make sustainable choices. We always work with neighborhood transportation companies. Thus, we reduce the drive time to our company. Smaller packages are also shipped by local business owners. In addition, it is always possible for customers to pick up orders.

Internship at Fabryk Design

At Fabryk Design, we have enjoyed working with students from various courses since the founding of our company. Not just internships or graduate studies but certainly for the knowledge they bring. Students take a fresh look at your business and are happy to apply the knowledge they have learned in practice. On the contrary, we teach students to cooperate, work with deadlines and work on your personal development.