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Will you join our team?


Fabryk Design has been working with students from a wide variety of courses since its inception. This has proven to be a good combination for years, because in 2019 it even went so well that the Fabryk was voted the best learning company of the year in the province of Friesland. The nomination came from the Friesland College at the suggestion of students who were themselves interns at the Fabryk.

Both Fabryk Design and the students have much to offer each other. Fabryk Design gets a tremendously diverse range of skills and knowledge. Motivated students armed with the latest knowledge can contribute a lot to a company.

The students themselves can also learn a lot. Consider working with others, dealing with stress and deadlines, and self-development.

For 2024, we are looking for interns in various fields. These are:

⦁ All-round cabinetmaker / (ship) interior builder.
⦁ Creative craftsman
⦁ E-commerce manager
⦁ Marketing & communication specialist
⦁ Interior designer
⦁ All-round media maker
⦁ Media designer
⦁ Spatial designer

PHOTO - sinne-rianne-ella-between-space -Nadine 2022
FEATURE PHOTO - auke-fabryk-design-catalog - Nadine 2022 - Handsomest man

What do we offer?

A safe internship where you can develop yourself and apply your learned knowledge in practice. You will also be guided through discussions, both individually and in groups with other students and colleagues.

What do we expect?

You are motivated and eager to learn. Because you will be participating full time in a real company, we expect you to be committed, able to work independently and actively involved in your colleagues and the process.

Would you like to do an internship at Fabryk Design?

Then email info@fabrykdesign.nl with a cover letter and your resume. You will hear from us as soon as possible after that.