Creativity is having fun!

Will you become one of our Fabryk Designers?

You are creative and make the most beautiful designs, what a shame it is if they remain in the closet! We came up with something on that – a platform for designers! Fabryk Design sells home accessories, geometric animals and furniture, among other items. One of our pillars are wall stickers and cushions for private customers and stores at home and abroad. How cool is it if we sell your designs on our products? As of now, that is possible!

How does it work?

You email your designs to Fabryk Design.

Then we will check the designs, this usually takes a few days. You will receive an email from us as soon as your designs are approved. Then we will post them on our website.

What do we do with your designs?

Fabryk will print your unique designs on different products, think cushions and wall stickers or how about a tapestry! Or perhaps you create a unique drawing of a wall decoration that we can then mill into wood.

Of course, you may also purchase the products from us. You will then receive 10% off your order.

Inspire Together:

Fabryk wants to inspire! Together we make the world a little more beautiful. With our sustainable way of working by using sustainable materials and minimizing waste, for example, we are conscious of this.

By creating collaborations with creative designers, our belief is ”Teamwork makes the dreamwork” this allows the designers and Fabryk Design to take each other to the next level.

Will you join us?

If you want to participate, sign up. Below is a description of what to expect and how designs can be delivered.



The patterns or designs you have created for Fabryk Design email us at Within 3 days you will receive confirmation that we have received your designs. When they are approved by us, they are placed in Fabryk Design’s web shop. Milling files may take a little longer because we have to make test copies with these first.


Reimbursement & sign up

When a customer or store buys a product with your design, you automatically receive a 10% fee. We keep track of this in our affiliate program. To join our affiliate program sign up here. Each designer is linked to his patterns/designs we would be able to measure how many products are sold. A payout takes place once a month.


Honorary spot on website & socials

Fabryk is proud of all its designers. So we think you also deserve a place of honor on our website and socials! We would like to receive from you a profile picture and additional information about you and your company. We will also post a link to your own website/socials.

FBRK. Geometric Boho Mandala Triptych Black

[Fbrk .] designer

You retain ownership of your designs.

In all cases, you retain the copyright to your designs. You only give permission to Fabryk Design to use the designs for commercial purposes. Conversely, we require the same from you. The designs you create for Fabryk Design may also be used only by us. This keeps the designs unique and special!

For best results, we accept the following file settings:

  • Dpi minimum 150 Maximum 25 mb, saved with CMYK
  • We recommend uploading:
    • .jpg – 150 dpi – CMYK browser: Safari or Edge
    • Or else: .png – 150 dpi browser: Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox


Getting Started

Have you signed up as a designer and want to start designing? Then download your files and mock up tutorial here.