Enjoys designing new products, but especially making them myself.

Is a social person who is willing to lend a hand to anyone.

Enjoys taking on new challenges.


I am an intern at Fabryk Design. I am studying interior design consultant at the Friesland college in Leeuwarden. Since becoming an intern at Fabryk Design, I have found out that my education is very broad, in terms of design.

I am currently developing myself mostly on product design. But I also style and furnish the showroom. I also often help with product photos to come up with a fun setting.

In addition to this work, I occasionally conduct workshops and also deal with finishing products.


What my work is I also take home. I super enjoy working on my drawing and design skills in my spare time.

I also enjoy going to home decorating fairs to admire the latest home decorating trends. The crazier, the better.

Other than that, I really love shopping! And that’s mostly about the shoe fic I have 😉 As far as I’m concerned, I can’t have enough of them.

Finally, I think days away or a vacation is the most fun there is. I can look forward to that immensely.

Favorite product

The FBRK. Hummingbird Limited Edition is my favorite product here in particular.

Actually, I love all geos coated with epoxy. The nice thing about it is, each geo with epoxy is unique. Everything with epoxy is made by hand, which is what makes the product so special.

I myself have worked with epoxy and also found out that it takes a lot of time and work. But that’s what makes it fun to do!

The cool thing about working with epoxy is that there is a lot of choice in making color schemes as you go along.

FBRK. Hummingbird Limited edition