Prefers to be creative all day long. When new ideas come up, she dives right into her laptop and gets busy with the coolest designs.

Is a social and enthusiastic girl who does like challenges. Anyone can come to her for questions or to have a nice chat.

On weekends, she works at the pub. There she is also responsible for all posters and flyers for events or promotions.

If she still has a spot free in her schedule, she prefers to fill it with her friends.


I recently started my internship at Fabryk Design. I am studying Media Design in Groningen. I would like to go in the direction of graphic designer.

For this, I studied Interior Design. At Fabryk Design, these two courses come together perfectly. From design online to finished product!

I also help take the product photos and style an appropriate atmosphere.

I have already had the opportunity to teach a number of workshops. In doing so, I make sure the evening runs smoothly and everyone walks out the door with a big smile. Along with their own unique product.


I am a real people person and do not like sitting still.

On weekends, I work at the pub. Again, I make sure everyone leaves the pub in a good mood.
I am also responsible for all posters and flyers of events or promotions.

If I have a space somewhere left in my busy schedule, I prefer to schedule it full with my friends.
Grab a terrace somewhere or have a nice lunch!

I prefer to go on vacation twice a year. Cuba is the next location I get to tick off.

Favorite product

The unique products made at the 3D wall art workshop are my favorite.

I love having something that someone else doesn’t have. In this workshop, everyone makes his/her unique product made to their own taste.

With its abstract shapes, it totally fits the 2022 trend. They are often made in the neutral trend colors.

The product is also extremely durable! The 3D wall art is made from leftover pieces of wood. In doing so, FBRK throws. nothing gone!