A suitable clock for every interior

The end of the year is once again insight, time is ticking by. How appropriate that we are launching some beautiful clocks just now! Totally in the style of Fabryk Design, tough and tad quirky.

I have a weakness for beautiful clocks and watches, matching a clock to every outfit. Mostly cool and practical but also with lots of bling bling and glitter. The same goes for the interior, in every room an appropriate clock. For a long time, clocks have been a necessary evil; today there is a suitable clock for everyone.

Industrial clock with large hands

It all started with this cool clock, a big cool clock made from a cable reel. Each clock has its own characteristics, no one is the same. Cable reels are used in civil engineering; you sometimes see them on the side of the highway. large cables coiled around these mega reels. When they no longer serve in construction they are sold and used for other purposes. How fun it is to reuse leftover products in this way! The cable reels are taken apart and cleaned. We use the finest reels to transform into clocks. Available in multiple sizes, each clock is given a tough look by the black numerals and tough dials. The clocks are provided with hanging eyelet. Ready to shine on your wall!

Fan clock made from old wood

This wall clock is a real eye-catcher, different strips of wood in various colors make this clock a real design object. A wall clock like this one comes into its own best when given room to shine. A small butch, a nick, because of the use of old wood, no one clock is the same. The old gold dial gives the clock a luxurious look. The fan clock comes with suspension system, dial and batteries.

Industrial cable reel clock

Because each clock is a unique masterpiece, no two are the same. A butch, a color difference therefore makes these clocks extra special. Do you love the industrial atmosphere in your home? Then this clock is really for you! The ring clock is made from an old cable reel and the dial is placed loose. The clock deserves a big wall to shine on!
Clocks are supplied incl. timepiece and batteries. The ring clocks have a diameter of 100 to 117 cm.