Interior design advice at your home or online

2D & 3D interior design and consulting, in your home or online. Easily schedule an introductory meeting through our online calendar. And choose a time and date at your convenience! Our stylist will contact you with no obligation.

Do you also want to get everything out of a space that’s in it? Feeling at home in your home/office or workplace? In short, create an environment where you and your family feel completely at home or where you can work productively? Then you’ve come to the right place at Fabryk Design! Because, in the jungle of home decorating shows, magazines and Pinterest, you would think that you could very well decorate an interior yourself, wouldn’t you? Nothing could be further from the truth, because with so many styles, tastes and different materials, it’s hard to choose.

Interior styling

Do you have construction or remodeling plans? Or just in need of a new interior? Choosing from so many living styles is a difficult task. Our stylists will take you by the hand and get to work on your interior. The (living) room is drawn to scale and you get a color and material proposal based on your personal wishes. The plan comes complete with a shopping list and mood board.

I am Sylvia Halbertsma, and I have been working as an Interior Designer and Stylist for several years. By now I have had the opportunity to help many people with their interior design. It is my challenge to create a nice home or work environment!

“Good must be beautiful and beautiful must be good.”

What can we help you with?

So many people, so many wishes! Going for a completely new interior? Or do you “just” want a matching color on the wall? We will look with you and provide you with appropriate advice. In addition to living room, bedroom or kitchen styling, we can also provide a lighting plan.

Your personality and taste are key to making an interior design plan or styling advice a success. Our method therefore always consists of an introductory meeting, online or offline, this way we get to know you and (re)know your taste!

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