Participation is important to me.

Since the summer, I have been working at FBRK-Werkt! Right away, this felt like a nice place to work. Just participating in the productive process, that was very important to me. When I came up with the idea, for a “Blooming Circle,” the first reaction of my colleagues was, “Just draw it together with Mark.”

The first prototype.

And the following week the circles were ready for me, milled and all, so I could get busy with the further design.
After the first prototype, we modified the model. The first prototype was too basic for Fabryk Design. After this adjustment, I could move on to styling the flowers. I really enjoyed styling the flowers. You then really work toward the end result.

Fiddling with Illustrator

To apply the text, I fiddled with the Illustrator drawing program myself. That’s what I think is so super here, that you get every opportunity to work out your creativity and your ideas.
With the help of a colleague who is very handy with the drawing program, we were able to get the text in the perfect circular shape. The text is laser burned onto the circles, which gives a beautiful effect. The nice thing is that you can use the circle on two sides. With or without text.

Formatting photos.

I was also involved in the styling for the photos. Which place do we choose for which photos and making up the “Blooming Circles” in Christmas atmosphere. It is very special to see what all has to happen and what steps have to be done before a product can be placed in the web shop. What flowers will you choose and how many should be in a package, how should they be photographed and how will we package them? Super fun to collaborate on a product like this. And to top it all off, in closing, write another blog!

This creative process makes my heart bloom.

-x- Nienke