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Custom-made projects and lasering

Fabryk Design is also happy to work on commission for corporate or private clients. What can we do for you in this?

With our machines, we can both laser and CNC mill. Our standard prices for laser cutting and cnc milling are low. For both large and small projects, you have come to the right place. You will always receive an estimate for your project. Still, to give you an idea of how our prices are structured, the following is an explanation.

Start and setup costs

For each new order, we charge a €15 start and setup fee. We check your supplied file and, if necessary, make minor changes to it. We turn your file into a working drawing that is exported to the machine to create your final design.

Design cost

Fabryk Design also likes to think with you when it comes to new ideas! In that case, we will specify in a quote the cost for the time we need to convert your idea into a workable drawing for our machines. The hourly rate for drawing and designing is €65 per hour ex VAT. Designing a custom geometric shape costs €75,- For small assignments we need about 30 minutes in practice. For complex drawings, this can add up to several hours. You will also receive a quote for this in advance. The entire process from design to final product takes an average of 10 working days.

Laser cutting costs

The cost of laser cutting is based on the time we take to complete your project. The cutting time is strongly related to the type of material and the complexity of the drawing. We can read the time required in the software we work with. This allows us to be quite detailed about how long we are working on a project. Our starting point is that we charge €1 per minute for lasering.

Material cost

It is possible for you to provide your own raw material for your project. If you do not have your own equipment, we can provide it for you. This is always by mutual agreement. We can also take care of the finishing of your workpiece. Consider varnishing, waxing, oiling or gluing.

Shipping costs

You can pick up your piece, you are welcome to come to our company to take a look behind the scenes. Shipping is also no problem at all. In most cases, we can ship your project by parcel post. The cost for this is €6.95 per package. If it fits in a mailbox box, we will of course choose this. Large projects with a size belt of approximately 150 cm are shipped by courier. We will discuss the prices for this with you in advance.

Requesting a quote

Use the contact form below or email info@fabrykdesign.nl.

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