DIY wall circle with concrete look

Rainy days call for fun indoor projects. Transform your boring bedroom wall into an eye-catcher in no time! In this super cool DIY project, Bojoura of the instagram account Mooiibo explains step by step how to make such a beautiful wall circle yourself.

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Supplies for the wall circle

  • spike
  • rope
  • pencil
  • small brush
  • block brush
  • or paint roller
  • wall paint in color of your choice

For adding additional effects to the wall:

  • piece of gauze
  • toothbrush
  • wad of paper
  • sponge

Time indication: approximately 120 minutes

Step 1

Determine where you want the circle. Drive a small nail into the center of the circle. (Don’t want a hole in your wall? Then try sticking the string with tape or a tesa power strip). It is important that you do manage to put some tension on the string for the tightest results.

Tie the string to the nail and on the other side with a loop to your pencil. Be sure to keep your rope taut and your pencil dead straight on the rope. Then gently draw the circle on your wall with the pencil in the string. Really take some time for this or your circle won’t come together nicely.

Step 2

You have now drawn a tight circle on the wall with pencil.

Using a small brush or brush, paint the outer edge (over the pencil line.) Take your time with this too because it is a precise job! I used light gray for the outer border.

If you want the circle in 1 color, you can use a paint roller. But for a concrete look, use a block brush to paint the rest of the circle. I thinned the paint with water and applied it to the wall with sweeping strokes from top to bottom. Then I used 2 more colors, also diluted with water and rubbed/stamped them on with a cotton rolled cloth. And occasionally take a look at your work from a distance. 😉 For a nice whole in your circle.

Step 3

Finally, I used a black shade for the edges and again rubbed it out toward the inside of the circle. The effect you create with this is that it looks like you glued the circle!

Tip: You can also use different materials for an extra fun effect! Like gauze, a piece of bubble wrap, a paint roller with string wrapped around it, a wad of paper and (the best part!) a toothbrush to make splatters on your circle like a real artist! 😉


Good luck!

Bojoura Mooiibo