Want to make money with your Instagram account or blog?

Did you know that it is possible to make money with your blog or insta account?

Say you have a cool insta account, and you enjoy posting beautiful interior design content. Or, you have an interior design blog on which you regularly post new blogs and reach nice bevy of readers.

Did you know that it is then also possible to write and post content about Fabryk Design. Using promotional materials provided by us, you can refer visitors to Fabryk Design. Then if a sale rolls out of that, you get a percentage commission from us! And the commission can quickly add up! Does that sound like music to your ears too? Then read on quickly.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is another word for partner. You have a website, shop or blog on which you can and want to display an ad. Using promotional materials you receive from us, you can redirect your visitors to our webshop. The knife cuts both ways, by displaying a nice banner, or by writing an editorial you attract audience to our website. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online marketing methods!

Making money with affiliate marketing is something anyone can do.

All you need is an Instagram account or a website. Everything you need to get started with affiliate is provided by us. We regularly renew our banners and advertorials that you can download from our website.

What to do.

All you have to do is make sure that the promotional material is a good fit for your target audience. This can be done, for example, by writing inspiring articles about them or displaying the ads in highly visible places on your website. Do you have a swipe up feature on instagram? Then you can also put your affiliate link behind that, which you can generate yourself in our dashboard. This way, followers will get to the right product or product category right away.

So how does it work with social media?

By making enthusiastic posts, you get your followers excited about our products. Now that in itself is not difficult, because our products are already super cool by themselves! For example, did you know that we make our products by hand? Sanding, painting, packing … everything is done by our own people. In addition to Fabryk Design, we have another company, namely FBRK-Werkt! This company belongs to Fabryk Design and gives people with mental or physical disabilities the opportunity to work in our company. This is because we believe that there is a place for everyone in society.

What about technical part?

When you sign up for our affiliate program you will receive a link that will be tracked through our website. Here we can record how many sales came from your website/blog. Even if customers don’t buy, we can still see how much traffic is coming from your website.

What is my advantage?

In addition to becoming an enthusiastic promoter of Fabryk Design, you will also receive a competitive fee of 15% of the sales amount. Are you going like clockwork? Then your compensation can be as high as 20%. If your concept fits within Fabryk Design’s social marketing strategy, we will also include you in our expressions.

Did you get excited?

Then register here to become a partner of Fabryk Design!