FBRK’s flowers.

Flowers make our lives a lot more colorful and cheerful

Are you missing some coziness in your home and your interior could use a refresh?

Who doesn’t get happy with flowers? They are fun to give and even more fun to get. Everyone has their favorite flowers. Tulips, roses or lilies, each flower just has its own charm! Flowers boost your mood and they always make you super happy.

In the interior design world, flowers are back with a vengeance. We are therefore only too happy to welcome this trend. Nowadays we see them everywhere in interiors. They instantly brighten things up and it gives the space a rich touch.

Floral prints come in many different varieties and fit into any interior design style. Think different sizes, designs and colors. Add the right prints to your interior for a cheerful atmosphere. Mixing with different floral styles can also work very well.

FBRK. Tiny Flowers

Brighten up your interior with our Tiny Flowers! These flowers do not wilt and last for years and remain beautiful.

These Tiny Flowers are laser cut from 3 mm thick wood. The flowers are 30 cm high and you have a choice of 2 different sets. The flowers come with a wooden block into which you can stick the flowers. So you can easily put them down however you want!

The black color makes them easy to combine with other colors and materials. They are fun to give as gifts but of course also fun to gift for yourself.

FBRK. Blooming circle

Dry flowers are hot, circles are hot and together are hotter than hot! Our Nienke came up with the cool idea to design a wall circle where dried flowers can be inserted. Changeable with the seasons and complemented with a fun text if desired. The circles are available in three sizes and also available as a set. Each circle comes with a minimum of 12 dried flowers. (colors are in the mix) That way you change flowers throughout the year or seasonally. Blooming circles quickly brighten up a dull wall, or give your home office a quick metamorphosis.

The circles are made of 18 mm neutral MDF and feature a hanging mount.