By the time a product reaches the customer or retailer, it has already had quite a journey. It starts on the computer with an idea from our designers or with a question from a customer. Read more about this process below.

The idea of Fabryk

First, there is the idea. Of course, without an idea, there is no product. The idea can come from anywhere; sometimes we get inspiration from nature, but other times the idea comes from other products. If we have a cow in the collection but no sheep yet, a sheep may be the next product we will make. Occasionally, a customer comes up with an idea on their own.

After the idea comes the design. A designer from the Fabryk creates a design of the idea in the Adobe Illustrator program. In this program, a potential product can be worked out in detail. Straight lines, arcs, flowing lines, everything is possible in Illustrator. Once the design meets all the requirements, the next step can be made.

Trial and error

If the design is approved then a pilot cutter is made first. In this step, small errors can be found and improved so that the final product is even better. A good example is our wine bottle holder Caribou. The prototype soon revealed that the neck of the beast had to be modified to properly lay down the bottle.

What a picture

If the pilot cutter is also approved then the shooting can begin. With a physical example in hand, we can now take mood photos, giving the customer an impression of how the product will look or hang in his or her home.

Once we have pictures of a product we can put it online and sales can begin. Once orders come in, designs are milled on demand and then finishing can begin. Consider sanding or applying epoxy and the like. The finishing is done by participants of the day care program of Fabryk Werkt, the social branch of Fabryk Design.

This is followed by packing. This is done carefully because, of course, we don’t want the customer to get their hands on a damaged item. Fitted with the Fabryk’s logo, it is immediately clear from whom the mail comes.

On to the final destination

Once the order is packed, the product takes the final step of its journey: that to the customer itself. Orders are prepared in our warehouse where they are delivered to a courier or picked up by the customer himself. Either way, the final result is a beautiful decoration on the wall and a satisfied customer.

FBRK. Geometric shape Scotch Highland Atmosphere photo at dining table