The past few days we have had a lot of rain but the nice weather finally seems to be coming! How fortunate in this unpleasant period. Therefore, try to also enjoy the little things and moments in your garden or on your balcony. Below you will find stylish and especially fun ideas for the garden.

Time to make it cozy, that is, in your garden!

Great ideas for a small garden.

With a garden full of flowers and plants, you immediately get that summer feeling! If you have a small garden, then it is a little more difficult to work to create flower beds to plant all those beautiful flowers. Then place your flowers and plants in pretty pots. Make sure all pots match well by choosing one color pattern. However, it is fun to vary then with different sizes. Do you have a small garden and a small budget? Then check out thrift stores. There you can find nice pots for a small price for your balcony, for example.

5 Tips for decorating your garden

  • Garden vertically to keep it playful.
  • Make use of hanging plants or place a mesh fence against a shed or dull wall. The plants do the rest.
  • Go for comfortable garden furniture to create a nice sitting area.
  • Make it cozy with trendy outdoor pillows, warm plaids and a garden rug.
  • Finish it off with a cool garden poster. Also (wall) decorations such as the geometric shapes especially for outdoors by Fabryk Design, create cozy corners in no time.

A shady and cozy spot.

A sunny day is wonderful, of course, but make sure you can cool off as well. With a parasol or a shade cloth , you not only create a shady spot in the garden, but it also makes your garden cozy! Especially if the parasol or cloth has a nice motif.

Atmospheric garden lighting.

Now that the evenings are getting lighter again, we also want to spend the fine summer evenings in an atmospheric garden.

When we think of a cozy garden, we immediately think of string lights or a pin lamp. Hang them in strategic places. For example, make sure you don’t hit your head and that you can still walk normally underneath.

A quick way to add some warmth and coziness to the backyard are candles and torches. Think about the anti-mosquito candles. Cozy and functionality in one.
And then when you sit outside on a warm evening, grab a glass of wine, fill a tapas board with delicious appetizers, and enjoy!

On colder evenings these days, a wide variety of patio heaters are available. These are gas-powered but also electricity-powered. Also, the forms are very diverse. You have the well-known gas standing heaters but also the eclectic heaters that you hang or the standing lamp that can be used as both a lamp and a heat source.

Many ways to make your garden cozy

There are many ways you can make your garden cozy and snug. The size of your garden depends for how you furnish it. Your budget is also of great importance. This may cause you to have to get a little more creative, for example.
With a larger budget, you can get a variety of flowers, plants and decorative materials. Finally, there is the bit about taste. Tastes differ fortunately, which is why there are these wonderfully different gardens, balconies and terraces.

We wish you a warm summer

but above all, stay safe!