How do I file a complaint?

A complaint is never fun for us, but a product that is not delivered properly, that is broken or when you are not helped nicely is not fun at all. When working with different products, materials and people, a number of things can go wrong.

My product arrived broken.

It still sometimes happens that a geometric shape or animal arrives broken. That, of course, is very unfortunate. Something may have gone wrong with the transporting, but what exactly happened we will never know. What is important is that when you notice your product is broken, take a picture of it and send it to us Preferably also with the packaging on it. We will then contact you as soon as possible to resolve it all with you.


I received the wrong product.

It can also happen that you received the wrong item, think size or color. This, too, is very annoying. Send it back and, of course, the cost is ours. Please do contact us first so what exactly is going on and to prepare the right product.

My wall decal won’t stick.

Another thing that sometimes happens is that the wall stickers don’t stick like they are supposed to. This can have several reasons. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can resolve this together.

I was not served nicely.

Here at Fabryk Design, we try to help everyone in the best and friendliest way possible. It may happen that you still feel you were not treated nicely. We want to know that, too, so we can do something about it. Despite the annoying phone call or email, please contact us so we can resolve it.

Fortunately, more things are going well.

Even though some things can still go wrong, fortunately a lot of things go right. We at Fabryk Design want to learn from our mistakes in order to get our product to you in the best possible way. If there’s anything, contact us and we’ll be sure to work it out!