How do I hang my products on the wall?

Geometric shapes and animals.
Within the geometric shapes and animals collection, we have wooden animals and figures that are symmetrical. Here you can think of the Taurus and the Elephant. These symmetrical animals and shapes come with a hanging eye that allows you to conveniently hang them on a nail or screw.

The other animals and shapes that are not symmetrical do not get a hanging eye, this is because you can now decide how high, angled or which direction to hang the figure or animal. A great example of this is the Hummingbird. Without an eyelet, you can completely control how high and askew it flies. You simply hang the Hummingbird (and other asymmetrical animals and shapes) from a nail or screw.

For the wooden open world map, like the asymmetrical figures and shapes, they can be hung from two screws on nails.

The closed world map has its own hanging system which is included with comprehensive mounting instructions.

The wall circles

Our wall circles on Dibond and Forex come with mounting hardware. This suspension system is the same as that of the dense world cardboard. Make sure that the substrate is free of dust and grease.

Should you have any questions about attaching. Then you may call anytime, we will be happy to help you!