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Geometric wall decoration

Most of our collection is available in multiple sizes so there is always one to fit any wall. The shapes are made of D&D black or neutral MDF and are milled in one piece with a standard thickness of 9 mm. Only the open world map has a thickness of 18 mm and the closed world map 12 mm. We have 3 wax colors in our

Our geometric shapes can always be identified by the leather with our logo on it.

You can hang the geometric shapes from a screw or nail on the wall and possibly from the hanging hook attached to some of the shapes.

The Close World Map consists of two parts and with it we supply free hanging plates as standard.


Wax colors

Our geometric shapes are available in 5 colors. In our assortment we have 3 wax colors. If you choose one of the wax colors, it will be applied to a mold of D&D black MDF. If you choose the color Wood, it is made of neutral MDF.

The colors of our geometric animals and shapes on this website may differ from the actual product color. This has to do with how the colors are set on your computer, but the type of monitor also affects how you see colors. It should also be kept in mind that the colors are applied to a black background.

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