Inside look at

Hi! I am Annemiek, 38 years old and I live together with my 2 children (and cat Kiki) in the most beautiful village in the Netherlands, Winsum. I am in a relationship with Hans and am self-employed. Together with my brother Marcel, I run our family business, a jewelry store. Since 2020, also together, we have converted our family home into a vacation rental called Maison Crêpe! It is both housed in a unique building right in the center of Winsum by the water.

Family and friends always call me Miek. That’s also where my Instagram profile comes from

A quiet base

My living style is best described as a combination of Scandinavian and country. I have a lot of white in the house, so the base is calm. I bring color into my home through soft pillows, plaids and flowers.

The love of interior design and old houses was in it from an early age. I have lived for over 18 years in double laborer’s house from 1880 that we have completely remodeled and expanded over the years. Of course, preserving the characteristic elements, such as the fireplace, beams and panel doors. Our interior is mainly white, always has been and I never get tired of that. It makes light and fresh and combines well with accent colors. Flowers also always look more beautiful I think in a white and light interior.

My favorite spot in the house

I get a lot of inspiration on instagram and pinterest, which I then apply to our home in my own way. This is particularly reflected in the details, as the basics have been the same for years.
My favorite place in the house is the white armchair by the wood stove. In the morning the sun shines in nicely and on a cold autumn evening it sits comfortably warm.

On Instagram, there are a few accounts that stand out for me. @bij.hes and @missjettle are two of them.

I don’t really have 1 item in the house that I can label as a favorite. It is especially the nooks and crannies and composite items that combine to create a beautiful result.

In the future

In the future, I would like to change the toilet. That one is now gray and white, timeless but also a little boring. Right now I’m all about these pale pink tiles in a fish scale shape. And then combined with white and wood.
I used to misbuy sometimes, but that doesn’t really happen to me anymore. I know better and better what I like.

FBRK in the nursery

I am very happy with the posters from Fabryk Design. These add a cool touch to Ruben’s bedroom. I also really like the knotted lamp from Love Emma, I now have 2 of those.

Through my sister-in-law, I discovered Fabryk Design. They alerted me that they were looking for someone who had a fun nursery to promote their products. I then responded to that with pictures of Ruben’s bedroom. This is a bright room with a sort of bedstead bed. Subsequently, a nice collaboration developed.

The posters and children’s pillows in Ruben’s bedroom. The Tine lamp from Love Emma in Esmee’s bedroom. And for the vacation I had a drinks board made with a personal inscription, drinks at Maison Crêpe.

My interior design tips:

Keep the basics calm. Color your interior with accessories (pillows, flowers) and/or 1 piece of furniture. Then choose a warm or soft shade and combine it tone on tone. Less is more, keep your interior airy and don’t put too much furniture in 1 room. Personalize your interior with photos or vacation memories and merge that in 1 place.