Inside look at Fabryk Werkt

Welcome and nice of you to come and “look inside” Fabryk Werkt!
I will take you step by step through our beautiful studio. We start downstairs and then we continue upstairs.


The Creative Studio

Downstairs is the canteen with a small kitchenette and a large dining table where you can socialize. The cafeteria is a cozy space where we take breaks together every morning and afternoon. The candles are often lit which adds to the coziness and all the time there is an opportunity to grab a cup of tea.

If you walk from the cafeteria through the door you come into the other room. This is our creative studio where we work on products and experiment with new materials. The shelf cabinet against the wall is full of supplies and various materials. Are you creative? Above all, have fun! There is always the opportunity to try things out. You also have in this room: a closet full of yarn, wool and a sewing machine, a computer you can play games on, not to mention several board games!

A new floor for even more creativity!

Let’s go to our new space upstairs! This space has just been painted and sauced in fun trendy colors. It is a big new space that we are very happy with, so we have even more room to be creative. The space is super nicely decorated and ready for use!

The wax and epoxy room

In the first room we will be working with wax and epoxy, we still need to connect the dots in this section in terms of furnishing and decorating, so let’s quickly move on to the second room!

Warmth and coziness are the words that fit this space. Peace can be found in a quiet, low-stimulation room behind a large screen on a sheepskin rug against the wall. So that way you have opportunity to retreat for a while, nice huh. In the center of the room are a large table where you can draw, diamond painting and or just do a puzzle.

So, this was it so far!
Thanks for looking inside and until next time!

On behalf of Fabryk Works!
Debby Perri