Inside look at Sweetheart House

Hi, my name is Merel Sanders and you can find me under my Instagram account: liefstehuisje. In addition, I live with my boyfriend Andy and our two sons Noah and Zev in Lent, a village near Nijmegen. We also have two cats who are part of our family, Dino and Crunchy.

In daily life, I work as a teacher and student coordinator at an ROC within the retail education program.

What is your living style?

Hmm difficult question. I especially like light and lots of pink. In our interior you will find some Scandinavian and Japandi influences. Also, mostly beige and brown tones. So tricky to describe exactly… I often just do what I like and never really work with a plan or mood board in our home.

I especially like Insta for inspiration and just looking inside others’ homes for ideas. Sometimes it also makes me a bit greedy, because then I see too many cute things or too many great ideas that I would like to implement all of them, but which is not always realistic.

For example, I really enjoy following missjettle and also get inspiration from her account.


My wishlist

My favorite item in the house right now is the rainbow tapestry from OYOY. Many people who come in also love it, I often get compliments on it.

I would like another nice armchair, one that is comfortable, because we don’t have one at the moment. Further, I would like to plaster our living room walls again and a beautiful interior door.

A misbuy

I don’t misbuy very easily, but I had bought new dining room chairs online a while ago. The difficulty with this is that you don’t know how these sit. So that was a total flop, they were not comfortable and nobody here in the house liked to sit on them, every time at the table it was almost a fight who sat on these chairs. So these were on the marketplace in no time.

FBRK. Dinos

I really like the wooden dinosaurs that hang in my oldest son Noah’s room, they really are a nice eye catcher in his room! I got to know Fabryk Design through instagram.

The ultimate tip

I don’t have a real ultimate tip, do mostly what you like. I always like to put wallpaper somewhere on a wall, it gives a different atmosphere and effect and is just a little different than just that painted wall.