How awesome to be able to show an inside look at our home. I will first introduce myself briefly.
My name is Patricia, I am 27 years old and work as a supervisor in a residential group for people with intellectual disabilities. Together with my boyfriend Bas and our two cats – Moos and Nala – we have been living in a nice corner house in Assen since 2 years. On Instagram, you can find me at huisjeindrenthe

The ideal solution

We live in a nice neighborhood in Assen. The construction and layout of the house is distinctive and that attracted us. The high spaces in the house are also super! In some places over 4 meters high. There is still a lot we want to change though so we made it a multi-year project. Slowly it is becoming more and more to our liking. Houses that were already “turnkey” were just beyond our budget, so this was an ideal solution.

Combining accessories

Of myself, I am creative and I can really put this to use with styling and changing around the house. I get inspiration mainly from Instagram and Pinterest. I also really enjoy visiting inspirational home furnishing stores across the country. I try out a lot in combining accessories. Although I have become more picky lately. Whereas before I was buying everything loose and loose, now I’m really shopping in a more focused way. Bas still occasionally throws the brakes on it. With the bigger changes, he would like to have a say. Logical, we live there together but then my patience is still sometimes tested.

My dream house in Drenthe

My dream house would be in a village near the city. Well in Drenthe, of course. Ideally, I would then have a home built myself. It seems so cool to turn one’s own idea of a home into reality!

Stainless steel and Coral

In the study, I have a large plastic bowl hanging. It does not feel at all like plastic but more like coral. Really think it’s a separate item that you don’t easily see anywhere else.

In the kitchen we have a super nice glass plate. We get regular responses to this from visitors. Before that, there were 2 stainless steel plates against the wall that were actually half loose. So it was also high time for something else.

A fun workshop

My last purchase was a mask on stand. I had my eye on it for a while and gave it to myself as a gift for Christmas. The deer is my favorite at Fabryk Design. Last fall I attended a fun workshop at Fabryk after which I took home this deer. It has been given a prominent place in the living room.

A good resolution for this year….

I am really a collector in terms of interior items. I find it hard to get rid of stuff. Even if they are gathering dust in the closet. But slowly I have to because the storage space is secretly more than full. A good resolution this year…