Looking inside Isaak

Hey team Fabryk! How nice of you to stop in! I am Isaak, a social, enthusiastic and inquisitive 30+ -er and I would describe myself as a people person. I am someone who is always moving myself, and I often try to get another person to move as well. I am someone who often says what he thinks and often does what I say. The latter always with great energy and in a positive flow. I am a full-time classroom teacher in elementary school (grade 7/8), fascinated by beautiful images and often see a pretty picture in everything. I also photograph, do portrait shoots -if it fits the schedule- and lately more interior and product photography for myself, but also may create content for companies. In addition, I recently -together with a friend of mine- started my own clothing brand. Super fun to be creative.

I live in the beautiful village of Oentsjerk, just a stone’s throw from Leeuwarden and a stone’s throw from the forest where I can regularly be found to go running or clear my head. Here I live alone. Well… if you count my two rabbits with the three of us. I think the advantage of living in this village is that all the people I like to be around live close by. I also lived in the city for a while, but now that I live here, I can seek out the hustle and bustle whenever I want. Wonderful!

Interior with a white base

I live in a corner house on a living area of over 130 m2 on three floors. Quite a lot of space for me alone, but it’s also really lovely. The location is lovely and the streetscape is fine. The people here are friendly, sociable and always up for a chat. Nice! The exterior of the house is not necessarily my dream home, but it was -when I bought the house- a house with potential. The home has nice space, nice light and the interior itself has been given a white base with warm oak-look flooring downstairs and white flooring on the second and third floors. From that base, the home was designed.

Clean, cool and modern interior

I would describe my living style as clean, cool and modern, with Scandinavian influences. Specifically, this means light, fresh and quirky. There are many shades of white, gray and natural in the home with black as a contrasting color. In addition, wood elements have been added which provides warmth and atmosphere. As well as a rich array of different plants. Favorites in the house are my living and dining room with the black kitchen. This is the eye-catcher in the house, though. Still, my bedroom – because of its serene look – and the attic room are also favorites. Music at maximum, a good cup of coffee or a drink…. Who is doing what to you?

My Wishlist

What does remain on my wish list is to tackle the bathroom and toilet. This is really fine, but I would like this more in the style of the rest of the house. I would also think French doors from the living room to the garden would be cool.

Tip: make sure you have a good foundation

When people ask me what I would give as an interior design tip, that answer is pretty simple: “Make sure the base is good. From a good base, you can go in any direction. Dare to do, dare to change and add personality. The most important thing is that your house feels like home.’ You can then decorate your home according to your taste. I score my home items at different stores, especially consider local entrepreneurs. Ideally, social media allows you to legally peek inside many homes and businesses these days. So much fun! That is also how I came to you. The unique, sustainable and handmade products really appeal to me. As well as the concept of “FBRK-Works! Also from the FBRK collection, among others, you can score many cool home items that fit well in many interiors. For example, the FBRK. Alphabet letters are a favorite here, but I also think the FBRK. World map super cool. This last one, among others, also shines on my wall!

It is the overall picture

I find on Instagram the accounts of @our_home_35 and @uniquehouse very interesting and inspiring. The minimalist style in combo with black, white and wood. Fan! I see common ground with my account, but also definitely differences.

It is actually the overall picture that makes this house my home. It is -for me- in balance, a beating whole. When I come home after a day’s work, I look around me with satisfaction. The space is cool, the location is prime, and the light makes all the rooms stand out.

Now if you want to see more of my home, follow my account on Instagram @the_meninterior. Will you leave a message? Nice!