My alternate with my account ‘Olaifje’

I am Masha Kuipers, 44 years old and have lived in Veendam pretty much all my life. I have lived with Jakob for over 10 years in a newly built house right next to downtown. I have two kids of my own, Niek who is almost 20 and Meike who is just 16. And Jacob has a 19-year-old son.

I have been an elementary school teacher for many years. Since I also have many years to go and was looking for variety, I started my Instagram account “Olaifje

Mix and Match with old and new

I like to mix and match. I like to combine old furniture with new. For example, there is an old locker in the living room, as well as a workbench. The uniqueness but also the toughness of it makes me happy. I also love plants, especially large ones, which completes my black/white/wood style.

My favorite Intagram accounts

I have several favorite instagram accounts. Topping the list is Jellinadetmar‘s beautiful feed. I love her style, the combinations, the styling … I can look at her pictures for hours. But also the feed from Laloetje.

In addition, I love Wendy Studiozinnig‘s garden (and now house). I especially like the black combined with all the greenery, but I’m sure the same goes for Leukwonen’s garden. Actually, every feed has something I like, otherwise I wouldn’t follow them.

Balance in our home found with black and white

Very slowly, balance is coming into our home, in terms of color but also in terms of style. At first black predominated above all, now I have painted a lot of things white and it feels better. What I am most proud of is our mustard yellow locker. Not only is this a cool eye-catcher, but it is also super convenient. Everyone has their own locker, so I’m not bothered by (school) stuff lying around. Ideal!

In addition, I am happy with our workbench, it is a large piece of furniture, but it also has something … It was intended that the workbench would be in the kitchen, but that did not fit hence there is now an old bench there with our black crockery on it. Nice and cool!

On my wish list? A Canopy!

On my wish list is another floor…. Our floor is still completely good, so that’s a waste to replace it, but someday I hope for a lighter (preferably white) floor. This also applies to our bathroom. It is now standard white with black accessories, should I be allowed to redo it I would go for anthracite or the like. Jakob and I would also like a canopy on our house, probably we will look into that after the summer. This would be a wonderful addition to our home!

Don’t make too many color purchases.

Of course, I sometimes buy colorful things for the home, because just because our interior is black and white doesn’t mean I don’t like color. I sometimes try flowers, but that, like colorful accessories, makes me restless. So in fact, I often bring those back within a day. By now I know from myself that I shouldn’t make that kind of purchase either.

Our bull head Boaz is our eye catcher

I think the coolest item in your collection is my geometric bull head. He even has a name Boaz! And has hung as in several places in the house. It now hangs under the canopy and I greet it every morning when I pull open the blinds. It is a nice cool eye-catcher in our garden.

I don’t actually remember how I learned about “Fabrykdesign. I think through the stories of other feeds. Of course, after I started following, I saw more and more wonderful items coming by, like the beetle for example but also the beautiful garden posters and wall circles! Our garden is almost finished,

Then I’m definitely going to look again to order some cool stuff!

Make your house a home

My tip is “Don’t go with the flow.” As beautiful as other styles are, see what suits you best, get inspired and put your own spin on it. That makes your house a home! And stay unique! (wink)!


Greetings Masha.