Color consultation:

Color is the great mood creator of the interior and very decisive. You can optically enlarge your room with it or create a more intimate atmosphere. Go for colors you feel comfortable with.

If you keep the basics quiet, then you can possibly splurge with eye-catching accessories. If you choose a mix of colors, then it is important that they go well together. Go for tone-on-tone shades. Colors in the same color type.

Do you like to change in your home? Then, for example, match the colors to the season. Can’t figure it out? There are several apps to put together a color palette.


Determine your style and go from there when purchasing new furniture and accessories. Not sure what you want in terms of style? Then create a mood board on Pinterest, for example. Of course, you can also mix the different styles very well!

Don’t slide furniture all the way up a wall. Set them a few inches away from the wall. This already does a lot for the space. Vary and mix with heights in the home.


Grouping can be learned! Put different accessories together. Choose accessories made of different materials and go for colors that match to create unity. Style a cozy nook with different materials and heights. A branch or flower in a vase, for example, already does a lot for height and you can easily alternate. Put a pot on a sturdy box or in a pretty basket. Ensure unity and avoid scattering all your accessories throughout the living room. Choose a beautiful eye-catcher on your wall.

Make your decor personal! An interior is a place in which to live: where you unwind, have cozy moments with family and friends and feel at home.

Soon we will have an inside look online every month, so plenty of inspiration to be had!

What interior design tip would you give?

Think outside the box!



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