Do you also find it difficult to find the right colors to match your interior and which materials are best to use? Want to learn how to style your own interior? Then read on quickly.


Furniture & home accessories.

Changing and customizing your interior is something you don’t do lightly. You do want to keep your interior so that it is still cozy and your house feels like home. That all your personal items that are important to you are still easy to see and you want them combined with furniture and accessories that you really like. You try to gather some ideas, but with all the fancy furnishings, you kind of lose the thread yourself. Where to start and really shouldn’t you buy something new? What style suits you? Country living, industrial or still eclectic?


Wallpaper or paint anyway?

The color of your walls has been white for years, and you’re actually a little tired of the color of your furniture, too. But to suddenly paint your wall pimp purple is also a step. Or a wallpaper with a colored pattern is also not something you just stick on. Actually, you want to make sure it looks nice and that your partner doesn’t run out of the house screaming.

Light, fabrics and curtains.

So how do you get the right atmosphere in your home? What to do with fabrics and rugs. What about curtains and lamps? You’ve heard of a lighting plan but what exactly is it? And all the variations in lighting you have these days. There is an enormous amount of choice. The incandescent lamp and the LED lamp and then also the shapes, the color and the power of the light.

You get the answers!

You will get answers to all these questions during the Workshop by Wendy of Studio sensible.
The “Interior Styles” workshop is packed with information you are looking for. You get a lot of information about changing and modifying your interior. You’ll get lots of tips on colors, materials and light.
You will learn to look at your interior in a practical way and learn the basic skills of interior styling and creating atmosphere and feeling in your home.
At the end of this Workshop, you will be able to work in your home with confidence and know which wallpaper to put on which wall to give your home the right atmosphere. You know which corner to put which lamp in and the most practical way to place that big sofa. In short, get to work styling your own interior.

Gift from Fabryk!

Not only will you go home at the end of the training with all the know-how on interior styling, you will also receive a geometric shape as a gift! You are going to color these yourself and label them with a leather tag.

By whom is it given?

The workshop will be taught by Wendy of Studio Zinnig .Wendy graduated from the Art Academy in 1994 and has been running her company StudioZinnig since 2005. In addition to her work as a successful interior designer, she raises awareness with her instagram account StudioZinnig .

The workshop in brief

Cost Training:
€ 375, – incl. teaching materials, coffee/tea.

Duration of training:
3 half-days
daytime from 1 p.m. to approximately 4 p.m.
or in the evening from 7 p.m. to approximately 10 p.m.

Dates Monday:
March 23, 30 and April 6

Time investment:
2 to 3 hours per week of self-study

Fabryk Design

Group size:
a maximum of 5 participants

Early Bird Discount
This workshop now for 295!
Use code: fabrykearlybird
*to be used through January 31, 2020