Introducing: photographer Nicolien Sijtsema

Meet our designers, photographers and stylists. This time we would like to introduce Nicolien to you. As a photographer, she has specialized in birth and nature photography. Nicolien’s gift is capturing moments that matter.

“Photographing the Edges of Life,” Birth and Farewell and Everything in Between….

For over 8 years, I have been allowed and able to photograph in an inspired way and give people around me photos that are touching and pure and will hopefully contribute to precious memories.

Together with my family I live in the Frisian village of Nijelamer, a beautiful village surrounded by beautiful nature such as the Rottige Meenthe and the Brandemeer.

Nature taught me photography

This very nature taught me photography. Nature is an inspiration daily because of its simplicity, its pure being! Most of all I like to go out very early in the morning with my camera, when everyone is still sleeping but just nature is awakening. The silence in nature gives me the peace to look carefully and shoot the right pictures. Over the years I have learned a lot about nature and have discovered what exactly are beautiful moments to photograph . Of course, sometimes you have to be lucky to come across something special. I think it’s really cool to show these beautiful nature images on social media. Just to share with the people around me all the beauty that nature has to offer us.

Capturing touching moments

In addition, I have a great fondness for photographing young parents. It is a great privilege when a baby is on the way, to be able to take those photos that matter so much. The pregnancy, the birth, and the first year in the life of such a little one. It moves and amazes, every time! I am also there at times when there is grief, when goodbyes need to be said and a photographer is desired. In recent years I see more and more that people also want moments of farewell captured. It makes me so grateful that it is given to me to be able to photograph during such difficult moments. During both birth and farewell, I am invisible and only try to capture what matters most….photos that you hope will be cherished in everyone’s heart.

Collaborating with Fabryk

I am very honored that a wonderful company like Fabryk Design wants to work with me. When Esther and her team approached me my heart made a joy dance, because how cool is it when your photo work is incorporated into a wall circle? And who knows, may soon shine in lots of places?

From my heart, I hope that everyone may very much enjoy my images…. because then the circle is literally complete!

Kind regards,

Nicolien Sijtsema