We would like to introduce to you Sylvia Halbertsma, our brand new interior designer with years of experience.

When I was asked as a freelance interior designer for Fabryk Design, a proposal piece could not be missing. After all, who is Sylvia now? And what does she all do? Well, here “it comes hear.”

I am Sylvia Halbertsma, 47 years old and live with my-now 3 men-because one has already flown out in beautiful historic Dokkum. Sometime around age 43, I fulfilled a long-held wish. For years I had been involved in interior design and styling and everything that comes with it. I started studying at the Institute of Interior Design and got my degree there. On this paper I am mega proud! After all, working, studying and running a man’s household is quite a job in itself. In 2018, I started working as an interior stylist in the hospitality industry. Here I had the opportunity to take care of the overall plan for many beautiful catering establishments.

Not at a loss for words

Unfortunately, my position came to an end with the outbreak of the corona crisis. Still, I didn’t quit and even the entrepreneurial blood began to itch. In September 2020-in the midst of the corona crisis-I founded my own company. Shop Syl’s ID. An online store where I have selected and sell the most beautiful home accessories, lighting and furniture. My passion for beautiful products, lighting and color comes in handy in my work as a stylist and designer. I try to inspire the client or customer with materials and colors that they would never have thought of on their own. That’s what makes me unique, and that’s why clients choose me.

In addition to running my company Shop Syl’s ID, I combine this with a job at IBM/Aegon. Life insurance clients often have many tax and financial questions. I am happy to help them with this. This job also requires me to study a lot, with another exam scheduled soon. The combination of both jobs is kind of special, one is -pretty serious- and the other is just very free, and I can put all my creativity into it.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of providing many clients with new interiors. Not only do I create an interior design plan in 2 and 3D, but I also like to go out for or with you to avoid mis-selling. Prefer to go out on your own? It also includes making a shopping list.

Social and creative, totally my thing!

I can say of myself that I am very sociable, I love being among people. I love helping people and working together. I met Esther- from Fabryk Design- during my job in the hospitality industry. There we already did several projects together. And that’s how this collaboration came about. Only after half an hour of chatting and we were out! I greatly look forward to inspiring you with my designs and tips and tricks. The possibilities are endless!