Brighten up your interior with the

flowers from Fabryk Design!

At Fabryk Design, we have several products inspired by beautiful real bunches of flowers that everyone wants in their homes on a weekly basis. Flowers on the table every week are great fun but often inconvenient because they wilt, provoke allergies or the smell of certain flowers you can’t stand.

We recognize this problem and came up with the idea of designing products that last longer and also brighten up your interior.

Advantage of dried flowers and Fabryk Design’s wooden flowers:


Allergy free


You put them in a vase and you don’t have to worry about them anymore


Sustainability (read more about sustainable in the Fabryk below)


Green fingers are unnecessary


It’s a nice decoration for your interior right away

We go for unique products to style your interior in the best way possible!

I still have to say that this is my absolute favorite! Wherever you look these days you will find dried flowers everywhere usually in a small tube or vase, very cute! But admit it we all like something unique in the interior. With the FBRK. Blooming Circles you really have a unique product!

Combine until you can’t take any more

Wooden flowers combined with dried flowers put them in a nice vase and hup nothing more to do! Each bouquet is well stocked with dried flowers of different colors. That way you change flowers throughout the year or seasonally.

FBRK. Wooden flowers black - mood picture

Sustainability is an important pillar binner Fabryk Design

Where possible, we produce in-house or in the region. We will not easily choose to get raw materials from far away if it is also available here. This way we put as little burden on the environment as possible.

Shipping of our products is also done by local transport companies from our area. We do not waste packaging; where we can, we recycle materials such as cardboard and paper for reuse in our products.

Need more inspiration?

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