Looking inside @flooreer_

The Instagram account @flooreer_ is me, Floor. I am 40 years old and I live in Nijmegen, together with my daughters aged 6 and 9. So on my Instagram, you’ll see a lot of pictures coming by of my kids’ rooms.
One of my favorite Instagram accounts, among others, is Silver Blue. Silver Blue is a creative account where I regularly get some inspiration from.

Circle versus Design

My living style is a mix of design and thrift store treasures. In the thrift store you come across the most beautiful treasures that I restyle and use in my interiors.
My favorite item in the house is the wallpaper by the dining table. I really like that one and am super happy with it.
My wish list includes designer items by Lenneke Wispelwey and Isaac Monté. Isaac Monté is a designer who works with unusual materials and Lenneke Wispelwey works a lot with porcelain.

A True Fan

I am a real fan of Fabryk Design and their beautiful products. Thereby, it gives something extra when you know that the products are partly created by people with a distance to the labor market.
The Giraffe calf from Fabryk Design’s Kids Collection is the one my youngest daughter chose for her cool jungle room. It looks really great and my daughter is extremely happy with it.

A tip from Floor.

Make your home distinctive with a big wink in your interior design, with attention to detail, of course.