First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Elske Kamstra, 37 years old and living in Leeuwarden together with my boyfriend Olaf (48) and our son Daniël (6).

I work full time as a biology teacher at a VMBO school, in addition I recently started teaching some interior & design classes!

Practical advantages.

We have lived for 10 years in a semi-detached house from ’87, with a nice garden. Not the house we immediately fell in love with, because we were actually looking for a characteristic house from the 30’s. But for us the “practical” advantages of a more “modern” house were decisive.


For three years I have been active on Instagram under the name @myhouse and I usually post a photo every other day, this way I maintain for myself the balance between social media and my private life. Instagram is a fun platform for me to connect, find inspiration and definitely share my own home.

Sleeping in a Jungle.

Surely my favorite place in the house is the bedroom. Recently we transformed it into a little jungle. I get a lot of nice feedback on it and I’m proud of that. In the living room, I am most proud of our TV cabinet. We designed this one ourselves and had it made by a furniture maker. I love the lived-in oak wood that this furniture is made of.

Corner Cabinet

A jungle of plants.

I make a lot myself, like the big moss painting. It still makes me happy every day when I look at it! Plant greenery, therefore, is absolutely essential for me in my home. My friend and son speak of a “jungle” and forbid me from buying more plants. If we happen to walk past plants in a store, Daniel blocks the entrance, “mommy walk through and don’t buy anything,” it sounds.

A flap bench by the dining table.

Our last big purchase in the house was the flap bench by the dining table. With this flap bench you really create a cozy corner. The seat cushions on the sofa I made myself. It was a hassle , because I am not very skilled with the sewing machine, but I am happy with the result.

wall shelves
Christmas Tree

Insects in ‘mine house’.

Anything to do with nature makes me happy. A beautiful geometric animal from fabrykdesign should not be missing from “my house” then either. I therefore fell for the insects like a log.

Meanwhile, I have a beetle and a scarab. Furthermore, I am also the proud owner of the beautiful fabrykdesign Christmas tree, which is a real eye-catcher during Christmas!

The beautiful lines and yet simplicity of the product make it easy to hang and style the Christmas tree anywhere in the home. I like best to hang it in a group with some other items such as plants, posters and prints.

Living Room

Small items, decorative pillows and flower pots.

So this is where my residential sin comes into play….

I like many things, and small items, decorative pillows, flower pots, etc. are very tempting for me to buy. I also have a weakness for baubles, I think I have over 300 by now.


Our place in Leeuwarden.

If I ever get the chance, I would love to move into a small village school. The often high walls, the corridor, the classrooms and sometimes even the small gymnasium… how fantastic that would be, but for now we are right where we are in Leeuwarden!