Mother’s Day 2021 Sunday, May 9

Mom, I think you are fantastic! How often do you actually say that to your mother? Far too little right? Therefore, Mother’s Day is the time to put your mom in the spotlight and show her that you love her.

Moms should be pampered much more often than just with her birthday or Mother’s Day. She is there for you when you are at a loss and provides you with advice and assistance. This may be rewarded much more often than once a year.

With a breakfast in bed and a bunch of flowers you are always good but what else is a nice gift for your mother? We have plenty of beautiful Mother’s Day gifts in our gift shop that I’m sure will make your mom very happy!

A gift with a good feeling!

The gifts are made by the participants from our daycare program, so you not only give a beautiful present, but also a gift with a good feeling! We all set to work to come up with some great gift ideas for you, which is how we came up with some great products!

A nice Mother’s Day gift

For example, our cool epoxy coasters are wonderful as coasters for her finest jewelry or dinnerware. Or how about a candelabra filled with dried flowers. Or our Hexagon decorated with beautiful dried flowers with a fun text appropriate for you. We have a wide selection on our website for an original gift for any occasion!

Do you find it difficult to express your feelings to your mother? Then you have come to the right place! We have some great cards in our assortment that already speak for themselves. We package every present as a beautiful gift! That way you are all set to give the gift to your mother!

Day and Night

As a mother, you are always there for your children, day and night! Therefore, now is the time to give something back. For example, with a set of beautiful garden cushions, or garden stool for the garden. Or a lasting wooden flower! Filled in a vase with beautiful dried flowers, it is a real eye-catcher for your interior.

Another great gift tip is our Mother’s Day gift certificate this one now comes with a geometric hard especially for Mother’s Day how fun is this!

To all the mothers, grandmothers, bonus mothers and mothers in heaven, you are fantastic!