New at Fabryk Design, the kids collection!

Of course, at Fabryk Design, we have also thought of the very smallest. We at Fabryk Design have been busy the past few months designing our new kids collection. We have new geometric shapes, wall circles and more cool accessories. We have also given old gems a new look.

Geometric wall decoration for the nursery

If you were already in love with our geometric wall decorations, you can now apply it to the nursery. The geometric shapes of the Pegasus and the Astronaut have been modified and now fit Fabryk Design even better. Interior styling is something that people are getting more and more involved in and this is also being done more in children’s rooms. At Fabryk Design, we have fun geometric shapes and wall circles that you can style your child or teen room with.

Wall decorations for children and teens

For children’s rooms we have fun wall decorations, in addition to geometric shapes we also have new posters for the wall. Of course, we all want a stylish nursery these days, not only for the little kids but also for the kids who are a little older. And this collection is certainly suitable for that. The wall circles and posters we have in different prints suitable for any interior.

We have fun and cool posters in black and white for a clean look. These are easy to combine with any style and color you have in your interior. We also have new wall circles that you can use as beautiful wall decorations. With some colors and pretty prints, you can quickly create a fun atmosphere in the nursery.

A personal touch with a name garland

What is also new to find on our website are name garlands. With these garlands you can add a personal twist to the wall decoration in the room. We have the flags in different shapes and colors. Also included are some fun shapes like a cactus or a rainbow, you can put it together just the way you want. Suppose you choose a nice color, then it will be painted for you by our day care of FBRK-Werkt! will paint it for you, how nice is that!

Curious already?

Then take a quick look at the website at the new kids collection. Another little teaser; our designers at FBRK are still working on fun items for the kids collection that will come online later. This home decoration is not only suitable for the nursery, but you can also carry it through to the rest of your interior. So keep an eye on our website!!!