Fabryk Design Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions


There are ground rules associated with the Affiliate Program. We have listed these here for you.


Article 1. General


1. You are at least 18 years old when you apply.
2. When you sign up, you agree to the Fabryk Design Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.
3. Your registration and account with the Fabryk Design Affiliate Program are personal and not transferable to another person.
4. We enter into cooperation for our own account and risk and are liable to third parties, such as end users, for the consequences of our own acts and/or omissions. You and Fabryk Design indemnify each other against third-party claims in this regard.
5. You do not place (test) orders through your account
6. Fabryk Design has the right to disapprove sales through an Affiliate Partner and/or terminate its cooperation with a Fabryk Design Affiliate Partner without giving any reason. If you act in violation of the General Terms and Conditions, we request you to cease and desist the act(s) in question as soon as possible and Fabryk Design may hold you liable for damages we have suffered and will suffer as a result, whereby legal action is not excluded.
7. Fabryk Design has the right to modify the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. Affiliate Partners will be notified of this by email.
8. We do not cooperate with discount code parties and parties that pay out monetary credits (cashback) to their members.


Article 2. Privacy and personal data


1. You are the data controller and fully responsible for the collection of personal data, including the creation of credentials and their use. You comply towards visitors to your website and any recipients of your mailings with all legal privacy obligations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. Fabryk Design has no control over your data and privacy policies.


Article 3. Website


1. You register your website with the Fabryk Design Affiliate Program. If you also want to promote Fabryk Design through other websites and/or channels, such as a newsletter, social media, an app, etc., add these websites and/or channels to your account.
2. You design your website so that it is clear to everyone, before clicking through, that you are being redirected to Fabryk Design’s website.
3. You do not register domains with specific terms and/or names, such as Fabryk Design, geometric shapes/animals or (variants of) these terms and/or names, for example with spelling errors.


Article 4. Promotional material


1. Fabryk Design makes promotional materials, including banners and text links, available to you. You use this content only for the website(s) you have signed up with our Affiliate Program.
2. You do not modify the promotional material provided by Fabryk Design and/or do not create your own (similar) promotional material.
3. You may use the content of Fabryk Design’s website as inspiration, but not copy it.


Article 5. Communication and promotion


1. You communicate only about promotions that are on Fabryk Design’s website and/or communicated by us through the Affiliate Partner newsletter.
2. You are notified in advance of upcoming actions. This allows you to prepare all actions and promotions in advance, but may only share them with your visitors once the promotional period we have specified has started.
3. You promote Fabryk Design in such a way that visitors intentionally rivet on the promotional material or text link. You do not promote us through undesirable and/or questionable techniques.


Article 6. Advertising


1. You do not advertise with a direct link to Fabryk Design’s website on aggregate websites, such as Marktplaats and Marktplaza.
2. If you advertise Fabryk Design’s campaigns and/or products on Facebook and/or Twitter, do so in such a way that it is clear to everyone that it is not an advertisement by Fabryk Design.
3. You do not use specific terms and/or names in paid search, such as Google Ads, such as Fabryk Design or (variants of) these terms and/or names, for example, with spelling mistakes.
4. You add “Fabryk Design” to the negative keywords in paid search, such as Google Ads.
5. You do not use direct links to Fabryk Design when purchasing advertisements from external parties, such as search engines and social media. This includes traffic directed to Fabryk Design’s website via a redirect.


Article 7. App


1. If you promote Fabryk Design through an app, it must meet the same conditions as a website. We will assess this first.


Article 8. Terms and conditions for loyalty and savings programs.


1. You do not rank in Google on the search combination “discount code Fabryk Design” or variations thereof.


Article 9. Conditions for sending newsletters


1. You may also promote Fabryk Design through your personal newsletter.
2. You are responsible for the commercial communications that you make and that these are in accordance with the house style rules and comply with the relevant rules regarding AVG and privacy.