Looking inside House Number 19

My name is Shannen, I am 22 years old and 2 years ago I moved to Leerdam, where I live with my friend Rowy and our cat Moos. Since I like to be creative myself and this was soon reflected in our interior, when I moved to Leerdam I started the instagram page @huisnummer19. A hobby that got out of hand I will say, which I am now only too happy to be involved in! I also started writing blogs about a year ago, these are actually always interior design related.

Industrial is our style

We live in a row house in a dead-end street the center of Leerdam. The nice thing is that every house on our street was built later, and therefore the houses are all different from each other. In terms of style, only one word really fits our decor; industrial. For example, you’ll find a lot of steel, wood and black in our furnishings. We soon noticed that this is the style that suits us and are still very happy with this choice.

Especially on the Internet, you can find an enormous amount of inspiration for basically everything, so also in the field of living. I mostly get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and since I follow a lot of living accounts on instagram, I also get a lot of inspiration from here. Surely the accounts that inspire me the most are @manieke and @homefreak. Especially the color black can be found a lot with these instagrammers, both styled in a completely different way. But that is precisely what makes it so much fun and provides a lot of inspiration.

Harry de Haring

Surely our favorite item in the house is Harry the Herring from Fabryk design. I had my eye on these for a long time for our kitchen; I wanted something “different” from the usual. And so Harry has recently been hanging on the wall in our kitchen. And I love it so much that everyone starts talking about it right away when they come into our kitchen, Harry is much loved shall we say. Definitely my favorite product also from Fabryk Design as I’m sure you’ve guessed, although I’m actually a fan of almost all geometric shapes. And they even recently launched a very cute Christmas collection that I’m secretly in love with as well!

A Samsung frame TV on my wish list

I am currently very happy with how our house looks, but if I had to choose something that is really still on my wish list that would be the Samsung frame TV. How great is it than you can hide a TV in your interior? So should our TV break up with it one day, hopefully there will definitely be a frame TV on the wall! And if I have to look bigger in terms of housing needs, it will be moving at some point. We live here wonderfully, but looking forward, we would like to live bigger. But for now, we are just fine in this spot.

Fewer misbuys these days

And whether I’ve ever mis-sold? Uhm…do you have a minute? Haha. Yes of course I’ve made a misbuy, several even. Like a side table, for example, really nice. But actually no place for it, so it ended up in the attic between the junk and the rest of the bad purchases. Enough as you read haha. Nowadays I think more before I buy something and luckily I am less likely to make a mistake.

I got to know fabryk design through instagram, often saw products from this lovely company come by and quickly thought it was really cool. Until I took a look at their booth at the VT living fair, then I was completely won over. Beautiful products, original ideas and quality is certainly not forgotten. Absolutely highly recommended!

My styling tip

My styling tip for you is: do what you like and what makes you happy. Chasing a trend can sometimes be fun and who knows, if it’s right up your alley, I would definitely do it. But going after a trend that does not suit you, I would not recommend. For example, I myself once tried different colors in our interior, very cool with others. But I didn’t like it at all afterwards. Your house is your home, which is why it is so important to do what you love! Find a style that suits you and look on pinterest or instagram for great ideas, for example. This is how you create your own space.