What do the wax colors look like?

Since the beginning of Fabryk Design, we have been working with Lacq’s decowax colors. This Decowax provides a protective layer on a wooden surface. The decowax is made in an artisanal way which fits perfectly with Fabryk’s products. Geometric shapes and animals are worked with this wax. Fabryk now uses 9 colors of decowax. The beauty of this wax is that it fills in uneven surfaces, giving it a nice even appearance.

Decowax, what do you use it for?

Lacq Decowax is a wax used to maintain wooden surfaces. Lacq Decowax gives the surface a protective layer and fills in small imperfections. This makes the wax ideal for treatment of wooden furniture, floors or as a protective top coat on porous paint. At Fabryk Design, we also use Decowax for furniture. We do not need to pre-treat the wood. If the wood and grain is a bit rougher, the wax will adhere even better. The beauty of Decowax is that a difference in layer height can be polished away. You can easily get rid of damages, rings from glasses or scratches from keys.

A Copper Metallic-colored hummingbird on a purple wall.

Decowax has beautiful colors, but because our eyes are sensitive to light, colors still sometimes seem different than you first thought. The color Antique Pink appears different when the sun goes down compared to full sun, this is due to the incidence of light.
Also, the background and environment has to do with how a color looks. If you hang a Copper Metallic-colored hummingbird on a purple wall, it will appear different in color than if you hang it on a white wall.

Don’t hesitate to call or email!

It sometimes happens that the color differs from a picture on our site. This has to do with light or background color, for example. As a result, colors of the product may vary with colors shown on the site. We try to represent the colors as accurately as possible. Do you have questions about the colors? If so, don’t hesitate to call. The colleagues, who work a lot with Decowax colors, can tell you all about the colors and inform you about the use of background and light. Should you still find it difficult to determine the right color? If so, we will be happy to help you. Send us a picture of your interior and we will be happy to think with you.