Working from home during the corona wave

Working from home, more and more we are being required to work from home. In the first corona wave, we were still optimistic; working for a while at the kitchen table was no problem. But now that things are getting longer and longer, a nice home office is really nice!

Not only so you can focus so well but also so you don’t have to clean up your home office every time. In this blog, we have some cool tips for you to make your home office as pleasant as possible.

A quiet place in the home

Have you found a place in your home for your home office yet? Ideally, of course, a separate room. But not everyone will have an extra space in their home to spare for an office. A spot in the living room or bedroom can also work well, provided your roommates respect that you are working!


Good office chair and sturdy desk

Working at the dining room table is fine for a while, but at some point you start to feel your back. Therefore, invest in a good desk and a fine office chair. You can find plenty online, but we’ll also give you some suggestions. A new office set is quite an investment, fortunately there is plenty to be found second-hand as well! Look at marketplace or marketplaces. A lick of paint sometimes does wonders. Don’t feel like painting? There are also plenty of companies that deal in used office furniture, so sometimes you can have a real Ahrend desk for next to nothing! A few suggestions are and Personally, I really like Ikea’s office chairs, also Ikea has smart storage units for sale. All your cords out of sight and your desk finely organized.

Daylight and window decoration

A bedroom with little daylight is not ideal work, it makes you drowsy in the long run and is not nice for your eyes. If at all possible, provide daylight! Too bright daylight is not nice either, as it creates a constant glare on your screen. Make sure you can optimally control the incidence of light by using good window decoration; shutters or inbetweens are a great solution!

Work and private

Working from home for a day is fine, but it also causes you to be constantly distracted. The laundry or dishwasher, children calling you, in short during the day you encounter many challenges. Make sure you take breaks in time, taking a walk around the block or running a small errand will ensure that you can resume your work with energy afterwards. Tips for staying focused? I wrote a separate blog about this.

Decorations in your home office

Okay, structured work and focus is nice, but of course the eye wants something too. Fabryk Design has plenty of beautiful wall decorations and lamps that will add an extra fine touch to your home office. A geometric shape or wall circle makes your office a nice place to be.