1. Who are you

I am Esther, married to Sytze for 7 years and together we have two children: Brent aged just 6 and Elise aged 8. We also have a whole bevy of critters: 2 rabbits, a Labradoodle Pip, cat Joris, horse Nona plus her friend Ken and super pony Casanova. Sytze and I both grew up on a farm, hence the animals and the desire to someday live “outside” again.

2.  Woonstyle

Our home style cannot be encapsulated in 1 word or phrase, but always it is tough and functional. Neither of us are particularly fond of frills. Sytze never interferes with my excesses, like last week’s waxed wall. He does let you know when he really doesn’t like something, like the pink toilet from years ago. I am becoming more and more of a fan of greenery in my home, where before a cactus did not survive, I have now become pretty good with indoor plants.

3. Residential

A cool kitchen! 10 years ago, we chose a country kitchen. The kitchen is still functioning fine, but secretly I am already dreaming of a sturdy oak kitchen without upper cabinets. While we are at it, I would also like an extension to the kitchen area so that I can create a very large living kitchen! Dreams must be kept don’t they? Anyway, good dining room chairs and a new sofa are coming soon. Our visitors complain that with us, they cannot sit on our chairs for more than 10 min. They are nice, but made of metal.

4. Guilty pleasure

Looking at houses on Funda, it’s a bit of a “peek at the neighbors” after all. In my mind, I can already decorate a house completely to my taste. As I just mentioned, both of us grew up on a farm. Now we live right in the center of the sweet little village of Makkinga. Here we have a large garden and plenty of space around the door.

Our dream is to live outside the village later “when we grow up.” Horses at home, a piece of land, a tractor and a large barn for all our projects.  A large wood stove in the kitchen and oak trusses in the house. Another guilty pleasure are M&Ms, I sometimes buy a bag and then hide them for the kids. As soon as they are then on the bed, that bag empties in one go.

5. Hobbies

I am one of those lucky ones who was able to make her hobby her job. But once it is my job, there also has to be “just” bread on the table. So it’s not like I’m just muddling along noncommittally. For a few years now our oldest daughter Elise has been riding at the riding school, one year of which she rode her own pony Cas(anova). I can enjoy this immensely and it is wonderful to have a common hobby. Since my back problems last spring, riding by myself has been out of the question for a while. Who knows, maybe this will come again! When I get my hands on a good book I can lose myself in it completely, however, reading always doesn’t get around to it, which is why I watch a series on Netflix at night before I go to sleep. Currently, I am following Call the Midwife.

I also find working outside in the garden really relaxing! In the spring, I can watch the green out of the ground! Like the lovebirds who nest in our catalpas every year, and Calimerel (blackbird) who sits outside the garden doors every year waiting for bread crumbs.

6. Life for Fabryk

Before I started working full-time with Fabryk, I worked as a manager at Modehuis Boersma. Besides interior design, I still find fashion incredibly cool! The colors, textures, prints and fits. Combining different materials for an exciting outfit.  But above all, dealing with customers and colleagues. A great company where I have learned an awful lot, been allowed to make mistakes and introduce new developments to the market! I took all that baggage with me in setting up FBRK.


7. Favorite product

There are actually two, the geometric animals, but also the FBRK. lamps. By their design, timeless and powerful. Applicable in any interior and stylish in any environment. I always get so happy when customers leave enthusiastic comments on Facebook/Insta or via email!

8. Less fun?

I stand behind every Fabryk product with 100%. Some designs are disappointing, so they are not marketed. What I like less about entrepreneurship is accounting. Fortunately, I have a topper of a friend/colleague who is absolutely crazy about numbers. I then provide the tea and cookies, she my accounting 😉

9. Future

FBRK. becomes a true living experience! Whether custom-made, or geometric artwork for the wall, everyone wants an item from FBRK. in the house. Together with a team of designers, furniture makers and other creatives, we are constantly developing new showpieces. Dreams must be kept and plans must be made. I (and Sytze) work every day to achieve a piece of this dream.

10. in conclusion

Continue to believe in yourself and your brand. I love seeing the enthusiasm and passion we put into it come to life! Even though living (according to pundits) is a difficult branch of retail, I firmly believe that when you set yourself apart from the crowd, you automatically become special. I always try to listen very carefully to entrepreneurs around me. But also to our target audience, trends, social media and influencers. Nothing makes me happier than a compliment from a satisfied customer, and that’s what it’s all about in the end!

Love Esther