Okay, so I love to write, and if I get the flow I can ram out a few blogs in a day.
On a wide variety of topics, I like to vent my opinion.

The flow of being able to write wonderfully sometimes lasts for a few days. But it can also take weeks for inspiration to resurface. So if he is there, I have to be there too! It usually comes at the craziest times and moments. Like now — Friday night, 00:56. Actually, a time to sleep, or sit in the pub with friends.

Mashed potatoes, prawns, pumpkin soup, quiche and cookies.

A second point that really typifies me is always thinking about food. I regularly ask colleagues around four in the afternoon, what are you going to eat? Usually during the week with us it is not very culinary, because well … fast fast and busy busy. But if I try my best I can secretly cook quite well. A nice piece of meat or fish, a difficult dish, or just very simple but so delicious by the beautiful flavors. You can wake me up for (good) food. My favorite dish? Tricky! I can’t choose! In a restaurant I usually choose a meat or fish (prawns!!!) dish. But we also eat vegetarian regularly. At home I always love oven dishes (and easy), and in winter stews. But also pumpkin soup, or a nice quiche with various fillings. Or a stew with lots of vegetables and couscous. I can appreciate most international cuisines, and I like to try something unfamiliar to me. My daughter is more into baking, pies, cookies and cakes. Together we can spend hours scouring the Internet for delicious recipes if I just read and see it I almost taste it too. See! My thoughts run wild just thinking about food! It just makes me very happy! Just like my son, who already asks in the morning after breakfast what we are going to eat for dinner.

Sports? What is that?

Crazy about food, and not athletic. That, of course, is not the ideal combination. But honestly, I’m just not very athletic. I have to by myself, but rather not say it. I start out very excited and then genuinely love it! But after three times it also starts to get monotonous and boring and then I really have to get my motivation from very far away. Usually so far, I really can’t find it ? But now we’ve invented mountain biking! And then we do with the whole family. Two birds with one stone! And actively moving and doing something with your family. If I don’t feel like it then I do feel the social pressure to go along anyway. And once on the bike, it’s quite nice to be active with your head in the wind. The reward I hold out to myself is also kind of a trigger, a nice cup of cappuccino at a lunchroom along the way!

I always want to know everything.

How is something put together, how is something made, what was it created from, what kind of material is it, what machine do you need for it, what can you do with it … Necessary for my profession, of course, but also fatally exhausting at times. Thus, I spent my entire Friday evening searching for materials to use for our products. And then as you go from website to website you keep coming across something new that you didn’t know existed… Then I sit late into the night watching YouTube videos on how to process the products or semi-finished products into product. Of course, I am not trained as a furniture maker or designer so in this way I am also gathering a lot of knowledge through my curiosity. But sometimes … I get very very tired of myself ? And then when I finally sleep, I can wake up at night and ask myself if penguins have knees, too.

Last one for today, fantasizing!

I can be very far away with my thoughts! Brent (youngest son) then sometimes says; Mommy don’t look at me like that with those scary eyes. I am then so deep in thought that I completely lose track of how or where I am. The thoughts can be about anything, about what I experienced that day, conversations with clients or colleagues. New designs and how I want to shape them, you name it. Sometimes I see or experience something small and then I already have a whole business model on it in my head. That fantasizing has always been there and usually expressed itself in creativity. Drawing, acting, devouring books and lots of sense of drama in adolescence ? Now I take advantage of this to focus well, I then easily close myself off from my surroundings and am comfortable in my own bubble. Not for nothing do I have my own office, for I am very easily distracted by my surroundings. The radio, paper crackling, fingers on the keyboard, I can’t stand it badly. I usually do start my office day with my colleagues to talk things through, but soon after that I leave for my own cubicle ? By the way, the door is always open, so they can always disturb me.

Now that the need to write this blog has also subsided somewhat, I can finally go to sleep.
I like to sleep, but catching sleep is another. After all, I am also a real night owl. What all I do during these nightly I’m-so-tired-but-can’t-sleep sessions I’ll tell you next time in the second part of 10 things you always wanted to know.