Today I am blogging from Dordrecht


Last Wednesday night I checked into a beautiful B&B Lord and Master. A very sweet hospitable host ushered me to my room after I was once again hopelessly lost. The room is beautiful, it feels right away and all the hecticness falls off my shoulders.

Because of the traffic jams around Utrecht, I had to cancel my first appointment. Phone on silent and time to work on Fabryk in peace and quiet, without being disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the day. Have a nice lunch outside and discover Dordrecht, wow! What a city full of inspiration! From the main street you can see the boats sailing in and out of the harbor, I can see the church tower from the other window. What a nice place to be…. wonderful to fully recharge the battery in this way.

Have a wonderful time recharging the battery!

I promised the kids to bring some fun stuff, so after breakfast hup into town!  My first check-in at shoe store van Driel. No Es, you really don’t need shoes anymore…. My gut wins out over my mind. The somewhat stiff interior does not deter me from going in. I am immediately wished good morning by a friendly young girl. What shoes!!! what a choice! And very nice for me is that they have immense shoes in size 42!!! Like a kid in a candy store, I let my eye pass by all the models. What passion these people have for their shoes! Enthusiastically, they talk about the different brands and their features. I had to limit myself to buying 1 pair…. because otherwise! Time for the next store, Balhman fashion, a household name in Dordt. Took a Shopology course with the owner a few years ago. Unfortunately, she was not in the store but on procurement. But what a wonderful store, too! The rest of the morning I must confine myself to window shopping. Little time and much to do. For the children, I succeed at Juffrouw Pollewop on the Voorstraat. A store that will make you greedy. Not only for the kids, but also for myself, I score some special cards.

Enthusiastically I am pointed out that across the street is a store for “big people” The kekkestek. Achhh we still have 10 more minutes 😉 And yes…. As if I don’t already have enough posters I’ll grab two more here. Many items from Rice, color and fragrance in store. Beautiful dishes, special cups. All sorts of things to make life just a little more colorful! Quickly I bring my purchased goodies to my room. Make a cup of tea and check the mail. There are still some important emails that need to go out the door. Next on the agenda is lunch and then an appointment in Rhenoy. A special care farm where a goat farm is combined with workshop. Super cool lamps are produced here. Enthusiastically, I am shown around by the owner. Enthusiastic about his business and ideology. An hour and a half later, I get back in the car back to Dordrecht. Here in Friesland we hardly have any traffic jams, here I took an hour and fifteen minutes in just 45 kilometers.  Hmm radio on and sing along.  By 6:30 I get back to my room, after some scrambling to get the door open, because what was the code…. again? I make a quick call to the home front then turn on the shower, pour a glass of wine put on a nice playlist on spotify. Wow…

Pizza, Netflix and wine…. Just letting all the new inspiration fall into place!

I am only now noticing how tired I actually am. But I haven’t eaten yet and just eating out in my sweatpants I don’t feel like it either. Moah… Pizza from bed and Netflix is not a wrong thought either. A 1-minute walk away is a pizzeria where I order the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten. An Italian grandmother prepares it fresh from an iniminie kitchen. Then write some more in my 1001 things book set the alarm for the next morning.


All-day training from the HNK. Along with 8 more entrepreneurial women, we are following the ZOOM program. I slept like a rose. The first night still uncomfortable with the ringing of church bells, now I couldn’t hear it. After a quick breakfast, scanning mail and orders, I pack my suitcase (my god, what a lot to take with you as a woman for 3 days) I rush walking to the HNK. Probably I was the closest of all the participants. But still I manage to be the last but one to arrive. Don’t blame me… its my chaotic character. And why on earth did I have to wear my new shoes!

 I’ll spare you the details, too embarrassing for words!

I feel a mega blister coming on. Heated, I slide in. After a round of introductions and some exercises, we will walk to Daantje Food & Drinks. A vegan lunch cafe where we will work for the rest of the day. While walking, I feel my poor feet more and more. Arriving, I kick off my shoes under the table. Great to talk and spar with fellow entrepreneurs! Time flies and before I know it we are wrapping up the day. Now to look for my car again, I won’t lose it for the second time in 3 days. Why I lost it the first time I will spare you. This is really too embarrassing for words 😉 On eggs I walk back down the front street, 1 time in the car the dreaded shoes come off again and I drive home on tights.


Over 2.5 hours to go. Plenty of time to translate the plans piled up in my head into action. 1 of which I already know, we are going to make this kind of trip much more often!!!

Happy weekend! Love Esther