5 ideas to brighten up your garden and fence

Are you, like us, already getting ideas for the garden and finding your bare fence an eyesore? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to brighten up your fence!

Read on quickly for 5 inspiring tips and a fun promotion!



One of the simplest ways to brighten up the fence is to hang a garland of lights, lanterns or flags. Make sure these are weatherproof. Go for a combination of different garlands or stick to one garland. Easily make a garland yourself? There are plenty of examples and great tips on Pinterest! Below we share one with you in advance:



Don’t want to look at your bare fence or wall anymore? Then hang a mirror. A mirror makes your yard look a lot bigger and it looks pretty too! At Fabryk Design, we have a great outdoor mirror in our collection, the


is made from a reel and is available in two different sizes.


Metal animals

Are you looking for a unique decoration for your garden? This

geometric bumblebee

is sure to shine on your fence or in your gazebo! This cute little animal has a metal coating, making it suitable for hanging outdoors.
This geo has a thickness of 4 mm. They are available in black, white or a fun print! They don’t have a hanging hook, but you can easily hang them from a nail or screw.

Garden Posters

Our garden posters are made of PVC material, making them resistant to rain and wind. There is an eye in each corner, so you can hang the garden poster wherever you want. Our posters stay beautiful for a long time so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Garden poster-abstract-bows-rose-mockup.jpg
Garden poster-abstract-hill-gold-mockup.jpg
Wall circles for the garden

We don’t get tired of our wall circles, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Hang them from your fence and you have a mega eye-catcher!

Hey psst…. Are you now totally excited by this blog? We have a cool

garden campaign

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