5 years and counting

The first five years are over, what a special anniversary this is! Fabryk’s beginnings are still fresh in our memories and yet so much has already changed in recent years. We have experienced tremendous growth, and since the beginning I have been sharing the ups and downs of Fabryk with our followers.

The blogs I write are now read by a very large group of followers. When I started this there were only a handful, now there are thousands!!! And still I find it exciting, are people really waiting for Fabryk’s adventures? And, of course, my personal stories about my journey as an entrepreneur? The blogs are an outlet for me, and always written straight from my heart. It is at the same time a nice reference book, over the years your view of things changes, like the world we live in today. But also because you are changing as a company. First as a “one-woman business” and meanwhile as an employer.

Where it all began

The bull, you know him, is one of the first products Fabryk started selling. The cool bull head was love at first sight. I immediately envisioned it, big it had to be and robust! A real eye-catcher for the wall.

You had to get the feeling when you walk into the room that you came face to face with this imposing bull. But without being scared of it. The clean lines, the horns and the eyes, everything is right about this picture! And those who look closely can see that it is not quite symmetrical. These are precisely the fun jokes hidden in our designs. The bull has been one of our best-selling items since day 1, and still a personal favorite.

I do love a party!

Celebrating we have always done at Fabryk, every year at Christmas a nice evening and in the summer a BBQ with the whole team. Due to corona restrictions, there was little to celebrate in 2020, but I hereby assure our entire team that as soon as it is allowed again, we will host a mega blast party! Because 5 years is quite a milestone to dwell on. Many startups don’t survive the first few years, and with corona, we had quite a lot going for us as well. Complaining is not in us, rather we think in opportunities and possibilities. What can we do? How can we continue to serve our customers and keep our own “heads above water.” Entrepreneurship is and always will be an amazing journey that still and probably always will involve trial and error.

But first, we are celebrating the entire month of July! Because without our customers there would be no Fabryk Design and FBRK-Werkt! This whole month we are going to surprise you with fun gifts and promotions. Also, the whole month I will be writing about 5 years of Fabryk Design. Do you like to follow our adventures? Then be sure to subscribe to the newsletter, that way you will always be the first to know and you will also receive a 10 euro discount on your first order!