5 years of business

After 5 years in business, I know that it is very important to have a nice network around you. Although I should immediately add that I am definitely not the type of networking groups and meetings, I forget my business cards by default and am not very proficient on LinkedIn either. I always feel so terribly uncomfortable when I have to step into a room where I don’t know anyone, pitch myself and then very socially strike up a conversation with everyone.

Workshops and fairs

No, I’d rather be on the trade show floor, with a lot of commotion in the tent and I talk endlessly about our products, how they were created, who worked on them and how we are committed to society. It gives me a mega adrenaline shot, the hours fly by and at the end of a long day at the fair I can sit back in my hotel room, order room service, watch Netflix and put my feet up. Or, you take Mark with you and you end up in the nightlife of Amsterdam? Butrr, the next day we were up and running again, with blisters on our feet from dancing and a small hangover. Even though the last few hours were pretty tough, we were there!

Unfortunately, we have not run a fair for over a year and a half, nor have we conducted any workshops. God, how I miss this! Especially the workshops, at least three nights a week the Fabryk filled with enthusiastic ladies and sometimes an occasional gentleman. Staff associations, companies and governments also knew where to find us and together we put together fantastic evenings. How nice it would be if we could start up again in mid-September, we have in the meantime started preparations for the workshop season, as soon as it is possible and allowed again we are eager to get going again!


What I really enjoy is seeking collaborations with companies around us. Because you can be good at lots of things, but you can’t be the best at everything. The trick is to bring out the best in each other and seek the connection that way. We do this on several fronts within our company, we have the “best” in their field give workshops and seek collaborations with stylists, photographers and designers.

Collaboration with Nicolien

For example, we recently started working with Nicolien Sijtsema, she makes beautiful, pure photos focused on nature and birth photography. We then turn her photos into beautiful products. This way we create a win/win situation, she does what she is best at, which is taking beautiful pictures and we do what we are good at, making and selling beautiful products. The images she creates are so pure and mostly lucky shots from nature. Nature is her daily inspiration, through its simplicity and pure BEING! You will find Nicolien early in the morning, when nature awakens with her camera on the road in various nature reserves.

We started this year with a collection of photographs especially for wall circles, in the upcoming season we will see many more from her hand!