At Fabryk, we super enjoy giving interns the opportunity to gain work experience. In practice, you learn super quickly where your qualities lie, and what you want to gain more experience in. We give you plenty of room to discover where your talents lie, you participate in all processes and making the occasional mistake is not a bad thing. Because we work on a small scale, we offer you a lot of guidance and you get all the space you need to develop.

Until the summer vacations we will be joined by Lieneke, who hit the ground running the very first week by joining us on a styling job.

Hello all!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lieneke Lindenberg, I am 20 years old and live in Oosterwolde. Since May 7, I have been an intern at Fabryk Design and will be here through July 13. I am studying Interior Design Consultant Level 4 at the Friesland College in Leeuwarden and am now in the first year of study. I hope to learn a lot at Fabryk Design in terms of interior design, styling and running my own business.

one of Lieneke’s designs

Previous education and passion for interior design

Before training as an interior designer, I did another course namely Furniture Maker/(ship) interior designer. I took this course at the ROC Friese Poort in Drachten. Here I learned to work with wood, read drawing and design furniture in sketch-up and autocad. I completed this course with a diploma with great grades. After graduation, I decided to continue my education.

Other direction

I wanted to go to level 3 after level 2 and then focus more on ship interiors. That’s why I went from Drachten to Sneek to learn it there. Unfortunately, the practical exam was a little too high and school advised me to look for another course. That’s how I came across the interior design course. I wanted to continue with interior design anyway, that way my knowledge I had would not be lost and I continue to enjoy furnishing and giving advice.

Now I am having a great time at school and am in a nice class.

My goal

When I graduate, I think it would be fun to continue my education to become an interior designer.

My plan is since I’ll be 24 and don’t really want to go to school by then, to go to work and then continue my studies at home.

What would I like to learn at the internship?

I have now spent the first period at school gaining some knowledge in terms of brands, drawing, human size and styling. Therefore, on internship I would like to learn a bit more about sales, how to present the products in such a way that it will be bought by the customer and how to give the best advice in doing so. But also I would like to learn what sales are like when you have your own online store, what are the working processes of that.

I think I can learn a lot at Fabryk Design and look forward to the next 10 weeks.