It’s almost vacation time, even for us. The children’s vacation has been going on for two weeks, to the best of my ability I skim between the fabryk and home. There are several more appointments in the calendar, all “care” appointments.



As you may know, in May of this year we founded FBRK-Werkt! Founded. Within our company Fabryk Design, we have created space to work with young people who are distanced from the labor market. This branch is aimed at young adults with a PGB/WMO indication. We give these young people a meaningful “day” activity. From morning coffee together, creative pursuits, light work and many social activities. For this we not only created a very nice program but also recruited professional guidance.


An apprenticeship/workplace at Fabryk.

Fabryk Design is a label that designs and makes home accessories, we have a web shop and we give interior design advice. We have expanded into B2B sales. That means other stores can also buy from us. But slowly we are becoming so much more than that. Thus, we have already helped a number of participants during their reintegration or finding an apprenticeship/job. Unfortunately, it happens that you drop out from your employer for whatever reason. You get sick, and you can no longer do the work. You develop physical symptoms that prevent you from walking, sitting or lifting for long periods of time. If there is no prospect of suitable work at your current employer, we will work with an employment specialist to find suitable work at another company. But before that happens, a job/apprenticeship is being sought. Because giving up your job is no small thing. It often feels like failure when you can no longer do the work you have done for years. You feel insecure and doubt your ability. A sheltered workplace where you can work on your recovery at your own pace.

We have already helped 5 individuals by offering work/apprenticeships. With us, you can rejoin the workforce at your own pace. We discuss the progress and also the points you are running into. Wherever we can, we support, help and guide you. Did you know that many of the wallpaper stickers were designed by our colleague who is also reintegrating? And that includes all our flyers/cards and website?

Also for youth/adults with and autistic spectrum disorder is FBRK- Works! Very suitable. By providing regularity/structure and a quiet work environment, we find that this greatly benefits the participants. They work and learn at their own level and pace. The beauty of all these projects within fabryk is that we are still 1 FBRK. Family forms. Everyone belongs and feels this way. Together we will search for your talents!


Teamwork makes the dream work!

And now that we are almost before summer vacation and I am finishing my projects, it overwhelms me again. Geez what a lot we have put up in recent times. A lot happens behind the scenes and is not immediately visible. It’s a lot of emailing, calling and making appointments. Investing and networking. But more than ever, I feel that we are creating a unique company.

A wonderful company that designs, manufactures and sells SAME with participants who, for whatever reason, are a distance from the labor market. And we mix all that up and then we have team FBRK. A family to be proud of!

Happy vacations!

Love Esther