As a “relatively young” entrepreneur, I know better than anyone else that it is precisely in your internships that you can gain a tremendous amount of work experience and self-confidence.  Supervising interns is not only a lot of fun to do, you get a lot in return!  From both sides, you invest in a student to ultimately deliver good professionals. Ten weeks ago, Lieneke came in as an insecure girl, but 1 who really stands her ground. This tough chick already had a degree in furniture making under her belt and now wanted to learn more about interiors and consulting. 

A 10-week period seems long, but before you know it, it’s over. The first few weeks getting to know the processes, getting to know each other and figuring out how everything works.  It was a matter of breaking the ice and making her shine! We enjoyed working incredibly well, and Lieneke has won a place in our hearts.  Read Lieneke’s internship experience at Fabryk below!

That was then 10 weeks of internship at Fabryk Design.


I really enjoyed these weeks at Fabryk, I got to experience so much. From window-styling to taking pictures of young animals, and that already in the first week.

The following weeks I helped a lot with the orders ready together with Rina. Despite the nice weather, the orders still came pouring in. I have never been bored at Fabryk!

At first I was a little shy but that’s normal when you start somewhere, especially when you’re working at the person’s house . Now I get along  well with Esther, Sietse and the children. I do feel sort of “at home” with them. The freedom you get from Esther is very nice. She trusts me to do the things that need to be done and to do them well.

What I have learned these weeks.

I developed myself in making contact with customers through the mail. It is still sometimes difficult to give advice when you are only sent an image, but at some point it comes very easily. Furthermore, I was able to follow along to see how  brings new products to market and how to produce them cheaply as possible. Furthermore, I learned that internship can also be a lot of fun. With previous training, the internship was really something I preferred not to go to. That was also a small company, also 1-on-1 and if the click is not there, those are very long days.  But at Fabryk, I felt like it every day!


Drawing made for Elise’s bedroom, the room has been realized and will soon be featured in a magazine!

Summer vacation plans

I am going on vacation twice this summer.  Once with my parents to Denmark and once with my best friend to Spain. Furthermore, I work at amusement park Duinen zathe in Appelscha and when I’m not there I have a day off or I’m working for Fabryk design. Esther had asked me if she could also call me during the vacations if they could use help. And of course I would like to come and help then ?

The summer window display for Casy Fashion in Oosterwolde!

After the vacations

I enjoy internship but so does school and so I am looking forward to getting back into it after the vacations! The only downside is that it does require me to get out of bed early ? but I’m willing to put up with that.

I wish everyone a happy vacation season and a very good weekend!