Happy new year! How quickly that year went by, and what a fantastic year this past year was for me on the work front. Already since September, I get to work with a great team at Fabryk Design. And that in such a short time we have been able to do so many wonderful projects I never would have dreamed. Since September, I may call myself Interior Designer-Stylist at Fabryk Design and thus get to design the most beautiful interiors for clients.

Interior consulting: From intake interview to 3D drawings including styling

The nice thing is that Fabryk’s clients actually go for Fabryk Design’s style. The tough-rural style that is beautiful and gives a lot of warmth in the home. When clients request an interior design consultation, we always begin with an intake meeting as standard. We will come to your home and discuss your requirements and wishes to come up with a beautiful plan. And the great thing about this is that we often end up in the most beautiful homes. Thus, in these few months I have already had the opportunity to visit four beautiful homes, each with its wonderful atmosphere. The designs ranged from complete interior advice including 3D drawings to styling advice including execution.

Design in Oosterwolde

In Oosterwolde, I got to work first. A complete 3D interior design for a home where a section had just been added on. A space that received a new floor and where the residents’ hands started itching to tackle the interior at the same time. A beautiful home in which the Fabryk atmosphere fits very well. I made a plan for this in 3D. Meanwhile, the beautiful lamps are already hanging in the home.





Design Bakkeveen

On a beautiful Monday morning, we visited Bakkeveen for an intake interview. A conversation that also culminated in a beautiful 3D  interior design. The client’s wishes were to get a complete consultation. A layout advice – a color advice and furniture accessory advice. A fantastic challenge to be able to create another beautiful picture. Both the wall shelves, sideboard, and TV cabinet are by Fabryk Design.





Interior design Oldeholtpade

So fun, I am now getting to places I have never been before. And as I said before, I get into the most beautiful homes. So too in the beautiful house in Oldeholtpade. I walked in and my first thought was, “What am I doing here? Because wow, what a beautiful home and what an honor that we were allowed to provide interior design advice here. This time it was about accessory advice. The big picture was beautiful. But here they wanted help with the proverbial “dotting the i’s” . And we were happy to help with that. We made a full accessory recommendation with all the buying points and a curtain recommendation. Meanwhile, they are busy implementing it.

Interior design Dark Book

Yes, yet another beautiful home. An old farmhouse that had been completely remodeled. And beautiful! Here we were asked for basic advice for both the front room of the home and the home office building which could use some homeliness, the client said. We made a complete layout recommendation with which we are now busy implementing. What fun our profession is!

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