Why don’t you start blogging!

Asked Suzan. People probably think it’s really cool to read what you’re all about, a sort of “journey” of FBRK.

Ah are you serious, do I have to add THAT too? What on earth should I write about? Last but not least, I am anything but a writing talent. Yes, in my head the most beautiful stories form…But in a blog! That takes me way too much time and I don’t even know if I like it.

Last night – I just sat on the couch for two seconds – I thought, What did I actually do last Monday?  OMG!!! I don’t even remember what I did two days ago! Was it that crowded or that boring? It can be both, of course; it is a life of extremes.  Hmm, maybe that blogging thing isn’t such a bad idea after all. Making notes during the week and posting on Friday. Instant reminder to myself and “nice for later” says a little voice in my head.

The first blog

Well Suzan, especially for you I am going to start blogging after all.  I did have to think about it for a week, which is a long time for an impulsive person like me. If I do it, I want to do it right. So then there will be a blog every Friday. Maybe I will secretly like it too, after all, you never know. Maybe you remember it from the old days, you got a new journal for St. Nicholas or your birthday. For the first few weeks you bravely wrote every day, with your finest pen, in your finest handwriting. Until the day came when you wondered what to write about next. From every day it went to once a week and then my journal remained empty for the rest of the year. Because to avoid that, I ask, no, I beg  Suzan to kick my ass every now and then.  So that we can spend the rest of the year posting dozens more blogs .

A new blog every Friday with an update on FBRK.  No no” #I love my life”, #I follow my dreams, #Dowhatmakesyouhappy … blah blah blah … But just the way it is. Running your own business.  The high points, but also the doubts and uncertainty. About new designs but also about my family, the people I work with and, of course, about myself.

#Experience everything with us!

And for all of you who are now wondering who is this Suzan anyway!

Well, Suzan, along with her partner Herman, designed Fabryk Design’s website and web shop. We work together regularly to get the very best out of the site. We spar,  sprinkle with ideas  and are also critical of each other.  Our meeting last year was already special.  She bought her boyfriend a “Bull” (yes, who doesn’t know him by now)  and while talking we talked about making your hobby your work. We design websites and web shops, also just started… What else came after it I didn’t remember, only those words stuck. At that time, I was looking for  “THE” website builder. Here and there I already had some lines out, but there was no response to my mail or the quotes were so idiotically high, something I really couldn’t afford at that time.

Herman will call you on Friday, and you can always see if we can do something for each other.  By Monday afternoon, four o’clock, the deal was done. Whatever feels right will be right. With full confidence, I left everything to these two.

The web shop was a reality!

So the first blog is dedicated to Suzan and, yes, also a little bit to Herman. So you see. Sometimes people come your way, with whom it clicks, with whom you can cooperate and whom you can trust.

Would you like to improve your shop, give  a check-up or something completely new in your own house style?  I gladly refer you to Suzan – Hervad Media!

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