Webshop alert!

Finally I can tell you that the very latest products are in the shop! Over the past few weeks, I had already previewed it occasionally via insta and Facebook, but as of today, it is finally available to order. Last week I wrote about my dreams of a lifestyle line with different collections, among other things. Meet the first products of the Nature collection, part of our lifestyle line.

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Newest products, our Nature collection!

The one and only FBRK posters, with photos taken by Martzen Bruining, are online! The posters are printed on A3 size canvas, by the best printing company in the UK. Yes, it was a search to find the right dealers. Price/quality and delivery time are all things to consider. I also find it important to have quick and good contact with a supplier. It all sounds quite simple, but before an idea is developed into a complete product, it takes 2-3 months!

Then you only have the basics in place, step 2 is to make demos, perfect them and try them out. Usually this process costs us the most blood sweat and tears. First the excitement and waiting for the prints to arrive. Did they turn out as I imagined! What wood do we use for the slats, milled in or not, what size screw, what type of rope. Things also fail sometimes and that too is part of the game. You sometimes have to pay learning fees! Swallowing for a moment and moving on again 😉

We have many more cool new products, like the tapas boards with leather handles and a cool text. Beautiful clocks, perfectly machten with the posters in 2 sizes.

SOS for the little runaways!

But also the SOS bracelets with phone number for little runaways. These bracelets are also coming online for the ladies! With our own texts or texts created by us. Tough, but also feminine. There will be a special line for men, with robust leather bracelets. No fuss, simple sleek and tough. In the process you also choose your own font, this option will soon be added in the shop.

sample font ( amatic)

Meanwhile, we are already working on a new series of printed posters and cushion covers! Furthermore, there are so many more fun things to come! I’ll give you an update on that soon. This week a short blog, because it’s busy busy 😉 Although I’d rather not use that word anymore. Somehow I always think it sounds so negative.

I look forward to hearing what you think of our new series!

Love Esther