Do you recognize that? Then suddenly it’s January again and you fall into a deep black hole ? The oh-so-busy December month is suddenly behind you. Christmas dinner barely processed and the last remnants of oliebollen are drying on the kitchen counter.

The wrong Christmas sweaters, glitter dresses and pumps can go back into the closet. Before you lies a wet gray month of January. The good intentions that you still convincingly shared with your family and friends on December 31 threaten to fail as early as January 3.

Butrrr there is hope!!!

Christmas cards go into a shoebox, Christmas decorations back into the attic. And well, if you’ve started tidying, you might as well clean up right away! A nice fresh start to the new year with a clean house. Cleaned the windows and changed the beds. I can always enjoy it so much when it’s nice and clean and smells heavily of lemons ? The Christmas mess out and a nice bunch of flowers on the table. And then, where once stood your Christmas tree, you now suddenly have space! The window sills are empty, and your walls could use some spring spirit, too. Tadaaaa and there was FBRK DSGN.

Especially for you we list our toppers, guaranteed instant atmosphere in your home! The whole month of January we have a splashy promotion 15% off all your purchases and free shipping from 60 euros! If that’s not a fine start to 2020!

Can’t choose between all our geometric designs right now? Then also check out our pinterest page. There we have collected lots of mood pictures for you!

Would you like some advice? You may always send us a picture so we can look with you and help you choose!

Stop by, of course; we’re here every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We don’t have a store, but plenty to show and you get an immediate behind-the-scenes look!

And cold comfort, before you know it, January will be over again and we’ll be heading toward spring!